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PS22 Chorus Sings "The Greatest Love of All"


Take a look at the PS22 Chorus paying a wonderful tribute to Whitney with their rendition of "The Greatest Love of All" below.

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No matter what the reasons for Whitney's death.
Whitney will always be the best singer.

To: Ms. Whitney Houston (MY SISTER IN CHRIST)

In spite of all of life's trials, you still accepted each challenge with faith in our LORD, JESUS CHRIST, in knowing that He still loves you and that He will bring you through. And He did. He brought you home, IN HEAVEN, where His angel belongs. You are still a bright and shining star in Heaven, as you were here on earth. I am still hurting that you are gone from us, I miss you, but I take comfort in knowing that you are no longer suffering and that you are with our Heavenly Father, embraced in His arms. God truly gave us a precious gift when he brought you to us for all of these years. His Love, Glory, and Grace shined through you. You will forever be missed and I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER. Thank you JESUS for sharing Ms. Whitney Houston with us. Thank you for you many unselfish acts. I LOVE YOU LORD JESUS WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND SOUL. THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER FOR YOUR UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, GRACE, AND MERCY. YOU ARE THE ONE TRUE GOD.

To Whitney Houston's Mother and Daughter: God bless you both - May you find peace in your heart knowing that she is with Jesus in Heaven. Bobbi Kristina - She will hold your hand through life and help you through all that is ahead of you in life. She LOVED you and still does. Like you said, "She's got you". She was always so spiritual and I will always take comfort in knowing she is an Angel in Heaven looking down on all of us now. To the rest of her family and friends that truly "knew" her - my deepest deepest sympathy for your loss. My heart goes out to all of you. I never even knew her but as a fan of her and her music, she truly touched my life. Her voice was like a finely tuned instrument - just perfect, and incomparable. Clive Davis said that when someone has it "all" the way Whitney did, it just takes your breath away..."her beauty, her presence, the way she carried herself on stage, and that precious precious gift that God gave her - her voice..." Thank you Lord for allowing me and the world to see her and hear her in the short time you gave her to us. I can't imagine the pain the family is enduring at this time but when something like this happens - I truly believe that God wanted her to be with Him now and it was her time. Rest in Peace Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

As for pitiful creatures like "CommonSense" that have so much hatred in their hearts to actually come onto a website dedicated to her and leave hateful comments like that - You truly shall be judged one day...not by me or the people that you are purposefully trying to hurt with your words...we are just fans that loved her from afar....but by the Almighty...Make sure you take a good look in the mirror before you trash her life...You are pathetic enough to actually take the time to register, set up a username and login in just to spread your hate and leave comments like that? You have got to be one of the ugliest people in the world and a huge loser in book. You're a bitter pathetic soul that is disgusting - probably have zero friends because of your dispicable get a life, find a girlfriend...get a job - and go screw're a total douchebag.

To Grateful4U,

Well said, well said!! I would suggest everyone ignore "CommonSense". I truely believe his comments are just "attention seeking"! People get thrills off of hurting others or making ignorant comments.

We must continue to remember our best moments of Whitney and reflect on the most beautiful music (voice) ever given to us! She was loving and given person and probably would tell all the HATERS, "I have nothing but love for ya"


To "CommonSense",

I don't GIVE a damn what you think of my "mastery of the language" because your thoughts and opinion mean absolutely nothing to me. Stop typing your bulls*** on this site! No one cares, not interested in your little theory of what YOU think Whitney was in her life. You're running your mouth too much about nothing! GO AWAY!!

why do people who didn't like her come here to say all these things? You got no respect for peoples' mourning or anything else. Some speak and judge as if they knew her,but they only get the image. If you are that miserable in your life that you want to make everyone else miserable too you seriously have a problem.

To StephenMD09,

Thank you so much for your encouraging words! It seems that Whitney's passing has hit us all pretty hard. Your post is comforting and gives us all faith that we can continue to support our Whitney in good spirits!! God bless you....

Whitney Houston I love you and I know god is taking good care of you

personally no matter what i hear about her or no matter what comes true i won't judge her. And i won't judge her cause i didn't know her,and most of us if not all just knew the surface of who whitney was. We weren't there in her everyday life nor in everything else she faced so we can't talk about her.
My impression of her will always be a good and loving impression of a warm person. In my heart and mind she will always be the black angelic girl with the greatest voice of all time who did some mistakes,as everybody does, and she tried to face them and correct them. She didn't make it and she wasn't given the time to make it.
I am 17 and i've been listening to whitney houston since august 2010 while she was on her NBL tour. I will always listen to her music as most of her fans will. Everybody else can go and listen to their "music",leave whitney alone with her fans. Let us mourn and pray for her.