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PS22 Chorus Sings "The Greatest Love of All"


Take a look at the PS22 Chorus paying a wonderful tribute to Whitney with their rendition of "The Greatest Love of All" below.

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She was a great entainer and she did that and paid the price for it why did someone who gave somuch to us get so little from us in order to sing the songs she sang with the passion that she did she had to feel it and we felt it too because we loved these songs about life's ups and downs and love and all the emotions that go with it, and yet after all that she gave us so many people have written so many nasty things about her what a sad world we live in, I will never say anything bad about her because this has taugh me that if noone is perfect and before anyone judge someone look to the left then the right and infrount of yourself and if you do not see GOD that's because only he sit's high enough to look down and judge anyone ....Rember all have fell short of the glory of god! THANKS! WHITNEY HOUSTION for teaching me that and all the wounderful music and movies that you left this world.

Whitney Houston was truly an angel sent from GOD. Only Whitney and GOD knew her prayer.Enough is enough I think God said,Satan before I let y destroy my child I'll take her

The news just reported on the coroner's report and the cause of death of beautiful Whitney. It hasn't changed the way I feel about her....she was always, always one of my favorite singers. Now I feel even sadder than before because she was still struggling. Whitney is in heaven with The more suffering, I know. I feel sad for her family who is mourning her loss. God Bless Whitney's soul and God Bless her loved ones.

Don't really care what the coroner's report stated as it will not change how I feel about her. Whitney is with GOD now and her golden voice can now be heard in heaven.Whitney will live on forever through her music and movies. Bobbi Kristina, don't listen to all the negatively that is being said by the media cause you and your family are the only ones that really knew Whitney.

Rest in Peace Whitney for you are truly one of GOD's greatest angels.

To the user named CommonSense,

You are extremely rude and quite disrespectful to say the least. This is a person (Human Being) we are talking about here!! Your comments are not necessary and absolutely asinine. If you have nothing positive, motivating, or encouraging to say about Whitney's legacy; why did you become a member on this site? To harass, be belligerent; what do you expect to gain from your Intolerable comments?

Whitney was a beautiful person, in spite of what you or any other negative person has to say about her. Remember, YOU are not the judge of her life!

This is so disheartening! Keep on signing with the angels, Whitney!

Whitney I love you and i will miss you dearly sing with the heavenly choir. You know they talk about Jesus Christ and He didn't do a thing but show love and helping people who in need and healing and doing his Father will. Jesus love you and so do I no matter what the people say i will always love you................ Rest in peace my Sister. You singing for the Heavenly Father now. You were the voice and a anointed one.

Glory to God for the moments I've had listening to your songs, Whitney.
For your songs, your ora I have known love, respect, joy and tears.
Because a rose is still a rose Baby girl, you will remain the most beautiful flowers ...

I miss you .... RIP
Jesus loves you.

Honestly,I don't understand why people feel the need to knock her down. Addiction is a disease.everyone has problems,why so harsh with Whitney when still ,with her addiction problem,she has accomplished more in her short life then any of you people with your nasty comments. She had the most beautiful voice I've ever heard and I truly believe she was a gift. She was beautiful and funny and smart,and although I didn't know her I would bet that she would tell you to take your nasty comments and shove them up your opinionated asses! Why fault her because she was not perfect? Why disrespect her family with your garbage opinions? You are so quick to criticize but you didn't know her,so how could you even begin to imagine the life she lived? The love she lost( even though,granted she could've done way better then bobby) but she gave her voice to the world,she did so much for others,she could barely do for herself.does anyone know the pressure that comes with that? Does any one know what addiction feels like,cuz I do.its an everyday battle,its a monkey on ur back alwaz. And while I'm saddened she was taken from this disease I'm angered beyond belief the lack of respect you people have for someone who gave her entire life to others. She was a daughter. She was a mother. She was an entertainer,and I too have no wavering opinions about her now. She is the same person to me as she was 10 yrs ago,infact she has taught me,personally alot and my heart still has pain because the world lost her. My condolences go out to her family and friends.

Whitney Houston was a human being!! Respect her and her family!!! Regardless of what you have to say she was the "VOICE" and will "ALWAYS BE THE VOICE"!! MAY HER SOUL REST IN PEACE!!! My prayers are with her family and may they continue to find strength in the LORD...REST ON WHITNEY!!

Thank you Whitney for making our lives better through your music and talent.
We miss you, but know that you are in a better place.
God needed the voice of an angel, so he made you an angel in the greatest of all places.
One day, we will all be together, and that "One Moment in Time" will be forever.
God bless you and thank you for being Whitney Houston.

George Vreeland Hill