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Oprah Winfrey To Interview Houston Family Sunday March 11th


Oprah Winfrey to interview Houston family Sunday March 11th. Read more here.

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As the weeks have gone by it still feels as if it was yesterday. The pain is still so great and heavy within my heart. Whitney though I have never had the opportunity to meet you; I have always been connected to you through your spirit. Words cannot explain how I feel but yet my emotions says it ALL!!! There will never be another you. I only hope that your sweet, gentle, kind and loving spirit will continue to touch many lives as it has mine. There was a time in my life when I felt hopeless and wanted to give up. But it was your love for God, people and music that encouraged me and saved my life. I will forever be grateful for what you have done for me!!! Now I know that just like you had a purpose here on earth you to have a purpose in heaven. Continue to be the ANGEL that you are and let your light shine. For I will continue to remember the greatness that God placed inside of you and know that you are now free!! For it was not only your voice but the amazing spirit that was inside of you that made you who you were. And even through your pain, trails and storms your light and spirit was never destroyed for you stood firm in what you believed!!!And knew that JESUS LOVED YOU!!! So go on and sing for Jesus and one day we will meet and I can tell you how you saved my life. Thank you Lord for your great creation!!!

whitney houston was one of the greatest voices of our time whitney we will always love you

I saw it, and all I have is this to deeply say. Whitney, you are and will always be a definitive blessing of a voice in my life. No one, nobody will ever replicate the soul of a woman the way you've shown it. I honestly know you are always going to be loved. Your baby will always look up to the skies, as you watch over her and Cissy. God Bless you sweet voice, you're always going to be loved no matter what. I have never felt like I have lost a soul, like I feel about the world losing you sweet voice. Blessings, if you could ever hear my tones, Michael Kerner.

I love Whitney Houston if only she had held on a little longer for me to meet her. She is my idol and I love her with all of my heart. The day before she died I was watching all of her youtube live shows and admiring how beautiful her voice was. I am so sad she left us (me) (and her poor daughter Bobbi) so soon.

Whitney you came out on stage at the super bowl from growing up with such experience that i didn't know that you had, gee didn't you let me know know just how you can sing, wow for anyone to come out the way that you did and you let the whole world know just what the usa national anthem means.i am from Australia and i love your words to your national anthem Whitney, you are the greatest singer of all time Whitney, the way that you can just do what is needed to be done in a song is just amazing,In the movie bodyguard Whitney, i am a strong hearted man but when i see you and Kevin in that movie , quiet honestly you manage to draw tears from my eyes.Only you Whitney can do " I will always love you " and gee what a nice kind man Kevin is too.I always sit at night with a whiskey and watch u sing, your voice is something that no one can replace in my ears.Gee Whitney thank you so much for being you and for letting me here your voice.And to Kevin what a great heart that you have.Your the best Whitney and that's where you'll stay in my heart for ever.
thank you Whitney.

I will always love Whitney Houston, her music will never be forgotten. My toughts and prayers are with Bobbi Kristina and the Houston family. I was craying when I saw krisi on oprah. She looks so strong.

Whitney's voice will live on forever...!!Smile
R.I.Paradise Whitney you will be forever missed, loved, (etc.)

I will always miss her. She was was an aweseome performer and one of my faviorite singers that I loved listening too. Her songs go over and over in my head. None of us can imagine the pain or heartache she was going through. I know in my heart that her death was not meant as she planned. Life throws us curves and she got a bad curve. Even though we all loved her so much we couldn't be there to give her loving hugs as we all need sometime. Love you Whitney and your music will always live in my heart. Love you Whitney and your family, God Be With You Always, Smile

I have always loved Whitney Houston . Over the years I I have just been able to read and listen to the various News Agencies as they revealed whatever information they had on her. She was a woman in crisis and it was obvious. This never stopped me from loving her . And I prayed for the day when she would rise again . My heart leaped when I saw her interview with Oprah. I felt good and I knew my Whitney was coming back. When i heard of her death I was saddened . But I still love this woman. She is more than just inspiration even though she made a few mistakes. I want her daughter to find strength in all that her mother has gone through. Bobbi must be all that her mother wanted for her ... the world loves her and wishes her all the best