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Sony Music Comments on the Passing of Whitney Houston


New York – February 12, 2012 – Sony Music Entertainment today issued the following statement regarding Whitney Houston:

“Whitney Houston was an icon and a once-in-a-lifetime talent who inspired a generation of singers and brought joy to millions of fans around the world. She had a voice of unmatched beauty and power that changed music forever, and she leaves behind an indelible legacy of timeless songs that will never be forgotten. She also was an important member of the Sony Music family who spent her storied recording career with Arista Records. She will be greatly missed. Our deepest condolences go out to her daughter and her entire family.”

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I feel that I have lost a very dear friend and family member. I have known Whitney Houston from the very beginning of her career. Her voice was unique but very mesmerizing. It is no way that you could begin to listen to her sing and not hear the song in its entirety. We all have our ups and downs in life. My goal is not to focus on the trials and tribulations that others are facing but how can I help my brother and sister through them. I wish that I could have got to know Whitney personally. I feel like I missed out on a golden opportunity. Now heaven gets an opportunity to receive one of its angels. Whitney was a very inspiring, strong, and intelligent woman. I truly believe her when she stated how the Holy Spirit was guiding and directing her throughout her life and her career. My condolences to the family, friends and fans. I wish I could be there with you and for you during the celebration of Whitney's life. Gods peace be unto us all throughout this trying time. I am here for you if you need to talk so that I may listen and pray for you and with you. The only thing that separates us is space, but God is who joins us together as one.

Wendell Richardson

Whitney I will always love you and your music will live on forever in my music memory bank. I recall hearing the Greatest Love of All in elementary school I think I was in the 1st grade and I thought it was called Anyone's Shadow. Your song "My Name Is Not Susan" got me thru some tough high school relationships, and I Wanna Dance With Somebody was my jam...Where Do Broken Hearts Go another new favorite was I Didn't Know My own Strenght. My Love Is Your Love, I Will Always Love You, Didn't We Almost Have it all, andc countless others will always be remembered. Whitney you were a force to be reckoned with and I am thankful that you God allowed u to share your voice, your beauty, your charm with us....I will never forget you, now u can sing up there without everyone pointing fingers and whispering. I pray you have found peace with your God that u could not get here on earth.. We loved u Whitney but God loves u best, sleep on now my angel and take Your rest.....RIP Whitney I will Always Love You!!!!!!

Rest In Peace Whitney.South Carolinians Will Always Love You!!!! Condolences to The Family Of Whitney Houston.May the Lord Show You Some Comfort during your difficult times.

Whitney Houston confessed to Diane Sawyer that she was the devil. She also stated in that interview that she was a child of God. That’s very confusing. You have to be one or the other.

Since last Saturday sad news about Whitney, been thinking about her spirit, how she touched so many souls and achievements . Makes one stop and reflect about life how precious...and how powerful thoughts do play a part in our lives and our outcomes.
Thou she past away and some wondering why, instead lets honour her with dignity and send her love! We all will pass away from this world when its our time, to go to the higher spiritual forces and still be a part connected to this world.
Miss you, Ms New Jersey.... She is the garden state of such winners !! xx

I Grew up in New Jersey,

Joanne, "JoJo" Ruocco; World Wide Endorcer of Meinl Percussion & Cymbals. since 1996.
A passion makin music and playing with simular musician energies.....

Drummer / Percussionist, Joanne Ruocco; Hot rockin’ session mama; played with the best, so put me to the test and forget the rest

My Biography

A little of my background information, Musical training with some of the best drummers/percussionist.

Starting with Joe Morello... Study drums with him at a very early age whilst he was with the Dave Brubeck..... Then... Peter Erskine, again privately in NYC, he was drumming with Weather Report... Drums... Here is a track I loved working out with and hearing the beautiful drumming/Percussion Artistry: Weather Report - Teen Town off my fav album of theirs, Heavy Weather!!
then study, Drumming with Kenwood Dennard, drummer/percussionist for Chick Corea, he taught intence Music theroy songwritting techniques playing drums in 7/4 5/4/ 6/8 and 12/8 "wicked & fun various meters". I also studied.... with my friend & professor of music at Seaton Hall University& New Jersey school of Percusion, Glenn Weber. I covered Classical Tympani’s, Tubular Bells, Tablas drums and language, Latin/Cuban & African /Brazilian Folkloric rhythms e.g on Congas, Timbales, bongos, bells, drum kit, hand held percussion !!! WoW Factor indeed!!

Getting into the Muisic business.......

My first professional gig at the early age of 13 yrs old playing drums with the Mercer Ellington Orchestra and Ella Fitzgerald, then scouted by the William Morris agency to play drums with Chuck Berry on numerous gigs in New York City/New Jersey throughout my teenage years.

I continued my music career in London, by hooking up and playing drums for Bobby Womack and Latin percussion for Mick Hucknel. Bobby introduced me to Ronnie Wood and once we met, Ronnie invited me back to his recording studio to play drums and lay down tracks.

More doors opened and I soon went on to play drums/Latin percussion for Paul Weller of the Style Council tour and recording’s. I was voted amongst with the UK top drummers such as, Carl Palmer, Kenny Jones, Zac Starsky (Ringo son) and Nico Mac Brian, Iron Madden Drummer, We were voted as the UK finest drummer’s.

This was for the Daily Mail Christmas feature with all of us playing together, and the photo shoot for the Daily Mail was by Terry O'Neil.

The doors kept opening and next I went on to play Drums for Billy Ocean and Kyle Minouge , sessioning for various BBC live broadcasts for their album releases.

Then in 2003, I had the great pleasure to hook up with Art Wood , ( brother of Ronnie wood ) and play drums in his band.. He arranged the success for Ronnie and I getting re-united after 23 years. I played drums once again with Ronnie at Artie's Reception December 2007.

"We rocked the place that night at Holmwood", playing Ray Charles and Chuck Berry songs. We also played at Art's Tribute Concert and I played Latin Percussion and drums anlong with other unquic musician artist, that night too.

Recording Artist I have worked with:

Chuck Berry
Paul Weller
Bobby Womack
Billy Ocean
The Mercer Ellington Orchestra ( former Duke Ellington)
Howard Carpendale,Tour & Recorded Platuim record Poyldor
Hollywood Beyond WEA Records
Jelly Bean Bientz (Chrysalis Records)
Jane MacDonald- ( played live Tympani's on ITV Des O'Connor show),she is the Cruise queen singer)
Roberta Pla- The Cuban All Stars
Ray Majors-(Guitarist of Mott the Hoople)
Mark Lamar- (from the TV show- Never mind the Buzzc***s he played harp, with me on drums, Art Wood vocals and the Eel Pie All STARS)
Ronnie Wood
Jesse Wood
Art Wood
The Kinks
Alabama Three
Sinead O'Connor
Jon Bennit- Big band for BIG Band Blitz-Strictly Come Dancing -BBC1- Nov 2009
Ai McKenzie-(Ronnie woods first band the Birds)
John Idan- (Guitarist from the Yard- Birds)
Dexter dix heckelSmith - UK Jazz finest Sax player, RIP
Jason Rebello, Shooting Star, charity event, 2010
Chris Jagger, 2010
John Sinclair , 2009
Geno Washington, 2007-2008
Sam Kelly, 2008 and currently
Robin Bibi, 2006 and currently
Papa George, 2006 and currently
The Union Exchange-Soul Basement- 2009 recording session for Movie soundtrack, on Universal films and Sony Music, released 7/2010.

my heart goes out to your daughter & family on this very sad day, but instead of being sad we should be rejoycing for the time we spent watching you grow with your music & the movies you made, we should rejoyce & remember the good times not the bad, we should embrace what fun we had singing & dancing even graben the box of tisues for when we sat & watched your movies & video clips.
Your love for your family, music, movies & fans we will never forget you.

We will miss her! But honestly God gave her a gift, in my generation we were blessed to hear her voice.

As for the rumors no! she was gods gift! The Angels needed her , so they came and took her in loving arms...

She will now be above and beyond singing to God and the Angels. After all she was Gods Angel. I believe this with all of me, her love ones will need the strength now and I will pray for strength.

Just needed to write this


Whitney, You will be missed. Even though you went through tough times and were perhaps away from the Lord....He was always with you. I know that the good home that you were brought up in instilled the love of the Lord into you. You are with Him now!
You truly touched my life with your uplifting music and have brought me up when I was down.

Whitney, you will always be remembered. You're voice is incomparable. It inspired a lot of people both young and old. You may be gone but you have left us such wonderful memories and you will always be cherished. We don't want you to go, but I believe you'll have an everlasting peace now that your back to the Lord God Almighty. As they say, everything happens for a reason. We don't know the reason, but one thing for sure, you'll be more happy now..

To the Houston family, my prayers are with you. To Bobbi Kristina, be strong, you're mom's always with you. God bless you!

Whitney's voice was the Sistine Chapel of music. She created the pinnacle for others to achieve in our lifetime and beyond. 100 years from now they'll still be playing her music. Sincere condolences to her loved ones, especially her mom and daughter. Unfortunately, the price of fame was too high. Greatness costs.