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"I Have Nothing" At The 21st American Music Awards


In 1994 Whitney Houston won BIG at the 21st American Music Awards for her hit "I Will Always Love You" - taking home 8 trophies and tying Michael Jackson for the most AMAs ever won in a single year.

And to top it all off, Whitney brings the house down with a 3 song medley. Classic.

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Dear Nippy
It's was amazing!!!!
I loved it.
You will always be the best singer
Love, Lúcia

There is no one like her, and hard to believe this year is the 20th anniversary of the definitive Bodyguard, the biggest-selling soundtrack of the world. I loved this performance.

one of my favourite performances,i watch it like every day,just amazing.

i love ssssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much whitney, each day i pray that the good lord u call each time u sing, will protect u, u deserve the best

I am so, so very overwhelmed, I am almost speechless. I never, never imaged, much less thought that I would see this day come true in my lifetime, especially at my age, I still cannot believe it is true!

Since about 8 or 9 Whitney Houston has impacted my life in ways that are almost indescribable, starting with her very first recording, which was practically the ONLY cassette in the house at the time, while being ostracized and derided by my very own family and others this woman's vocal prowess and music created structure for me to want more than what I heard and saw; that is still a feeling unmatched by any, except Jesus Christ, Himself! I am almost still beyond words at this point, as this entertainer, legend, vocal genius and so much more was so much more than that to me, she was in many regards a catalyst for me being the man and person I am to this very day and I will make a change from this day day forth...I will live, think and act differently henceforth......I am deeply, deeply saddened and heartbroken by her unfortunate demise, but, I don't blame anyone......JESUS "I LOOK TO YOU" as all things point to Your sovereignty and grace.....I knows all things work to and for Your glorious plan and I trust Your providence as our lives our in Your precious hands!

She was unquestionably and arguably the most talented vocalist of this or any passed century! I am still in total shock..................let's keep the family in our prayers, God bless all who read this post, let's pray and keep each other close and near in prayer and love!


Whitney, you were "Waiting to Exhale" and trying to figure out "Why Does It Hurt So Bad". In spite of it all, you really wanted that "One Moment in Time" where somebody could say "Count on Me" and really mean it. So in your process of "Getting to Happy", you turned to God and said "I Look to You" and He replied "I Will Always Love You". Now, you are experiencing "The Greatest Love of All". You can finally close your eyes and exhale.♥ You are Loved and Will Be Truly Missed By your Fans !

Hearing about Whitney's passing struck me hard. Im 19 and an aspiring singer. Whitney Houston was one of my inspirations in music. The very first solo I performed at the age of 5 was "I Love The Lord" by Whitney from the Preachers Wife soundtrack. I truly believe Whitney was an amazing singer and person. Her music has touched many hearts over the world and that's what we should focus on. My prayers are with her family. RIP Whitney, we love & miss yu!

My prayers go out to Whitney's Family. I will always Love You!

My prayers go out to Whitney's Family. I will always Love You!

when i found out that my ever dearest idol was passed away i fell so sad after all these years I've always wanted her to comeback and reign again to her ORIGINAL thrown which is the queen of music she well never be replaced by somebody who aimed the same Whitney is Whitney... WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND PRAY FOR YOUR SOUL..