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Whitney Holiday Specials


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Whitney, I am so proud of you. The devil is a lier. You look so beautiful and I love your Gospel music. I have been praying for you and you did it girlfriend. My sister is back. I love you and may God continue to bless you and your family. You just keep going.

Hi I miss Whitney so much I hope that we see you soon. Praying that all is will.

Billy Alford

Your name popped in my head today… so I googled you… just to find out what you bin up to… Whitney you’re amazing.. You have bin bless… can’t wait till the movie sparkle comes out… so glad your back... BIG FAN....

WhItney Thanks for sharing your merchandise with me to buy something for the holidays i am so blessed to have my own t-shirt from your tour in 2010 even though we never met in life but one fine day by god grace we will meet in person and share a time to talk and take pictures that will last a lifetime to me.
Simmone natasha joyette

Do you get free tour program in uk with every purchase? Sparkle is out in august i believe. I cant wait!!! Xxx

believe me whitey, you are God's sent from heaven to preach the gospel in the world of music.

Hope you someday go to mexico and make a concert I admire you so much and I would love with all my heart if you come in Arena Monterry from Mexio!

Love you so much! you are more than amazing!

Whitney you are the best keep the faith and rise up may God always protect you. When you are absence people hurt make your stand and bring that beautiful voice forward. God is calling you I have prayed that GOD's angle surround you. You are a winner I believe you are going to rise to the top.

hallo whitney I dont speak inglês perfect,but i want expresion my fillings to you and desere from you stroung and courage,the words dont no inbilivable and you but god belive you stroung Ilike you ok congratulitions to you

Whitney houston has always been a huge inspiration to me. I can remember sitting so close to the televison whenever she sang and dancing to her songs, when I was 5 or 6. I have loved this woman since I was that young, so,this is a Huge shock and devastation for me that nearly landed me in the ER from the shock.The day before she passed, I said my one wish was to get to see her in concert.whitney is true and dear to my heart. her voice is what inspired my love for music. my prayers are with her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, family, friends and fans across he world. whitney you will truly be missed.Thank you for inspiring me with your talent and voice.
Love always =' )