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Whitney on The Insider and Extra


Here’s another chance to learn more about Whitney’s latest project - her film, Sparkle! Check out this exclusive WhitneyHouston.com interview with Kevin Frazier from The Insider where Kevin chats with Whitney about the film and also discusses Whitney’s manager and sister-in-law’s candle line, Marion P. Candles.

Whitney also discusses how being a mother was an inspiration for her very own role in the movie when chatting with Extra. Watch Whitney’s Extra interview below!

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I am so proud of you, for your come back. I am a big fan of you, just keep up the good work. I would love to meet you one day, when are you coming to Dallas Tx. I been praying for you, for along time, God is good all the time.

Greetings Phenomenal Professional Whitney Houston,
I pray this message find you in the best of health and spirit. I am certain you realize you have countless fans, but I want you to know I've been keeping you in prayer through life's challenges. Your personal determination, praying immediate and extended family as well as having “favor from God” consistently sustains you.

The remarkable professionals your mother “Cissy Houston” and aunt “Dionne Warwick” are my sorority sisters. The dynamic ladies of Chi Psi Zeta Chapter of Culver City, California would like to extend a "Royal Blue & White" personal invitation for your honorary membership. You are being contacted on your individual merit, due to being aligned with the sorority's principles of Finer Womanhood, Sisterhood, Scholarship and Community Service. Direct observation of your mother and aunt afford you a valid assessment of the 500, 00 plus caliber of women having membership within Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Internationally Incorporated Organization. The sorority is a community conscious, action oriented organization. We recruit ladies of your caliber, who set high standards for themselves. We are highly motivated educated and professional women. We realize you have various obligations as a mother and professional, which would not realistically afford you to attend monthly chapter meetings here in sunny southern California. However, as several of my other members throughout the United States, when available, they try to attend a signature event. The current signature events are annually: February – “A Salute to Royal Blue & White”, April – “March for Babies” March of Dimes, May – “F.O.C.U.S (Fostering Opportunity Constituting Ultimate Success” Celebration, August – Chapter Retreat, October – “Human Trafficking Conference” and November – “National Premature Birth Awareness”. My thoughts are not for your name just to appear on the roster. I feel you are a good person, whose current community involvement naturally supports the sorority’s attributes. You can comfortably be a “sistah girl” with Chi Psi Zeta Chapter.

Just so you know, the sorority has nationally sanctioned youth auxiliaries; Pearlettes ages 3 through 7; Amicettes, ages 8 through 13 and the Archonettes, ages 14 through 18. Each youth auxiliary is motivated to embrace the sorority’s principles while participating in community service projects, mentorship, scholarship opportunities and personal etiquette. Ms. Houston, I look forward to your response.

May God continue to order your steps.

Mary Howard, President
Chi Psi Zeta Chapter
Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated

Simply beautiful! How do we not love you, Whitney? Times change and so do people. Whitney, you make maturity look good! Time heals all wounds, doesn't it? I am so glad that people will now see not only the talented singer, but producer and actress, as well. You are not and have never been one dimensional. Enjoy this time as you become more comfortable coming into your own. Oh, my Goodness...your confidence is amazing. Your look so real and sincere. Your inner peace can be felt through this screen. I feel as though I know you personally. Keep on keepin on.....My eyes arw filled with water, as I write this to you. God Bless you and yours always!

Ms. Houston,

I have you in my prayers on a continuous basis. Keep on shining. I'm so glad to see how you are being raised up. Thanks for sharing your gift with us.

Best to you & your daughter,


Knock em' dead Whitney. She definitely shows she is poised to hit the nail on the head again as a actress. But wow, think of what it could've been with the late Aaliyah. That would've been strong. Hopefully, they'll do something in her loving memory. I definitely am eager to see Sparkle when it comes alive next year.

I wish Whitney all the luck on her new movie "Sparkle". I saw the first one and was out of my seat the whole movie, so I know with her and Jordon Sparks it's gonna be a standing ovation moment! Can't wait to support the film by going to see it, sooo glad you are back Ms.Whitney stay with us for good ok...

Watching these interviews reminds me of arsenio and other s.You are the best interview-ee ever.I see everybody's wearing boots and dresses again,along with the knee hole jeans.You know that you are amazing right! I am so glad to hear the laughter back in your voice.You look incredible more and more.I am a virgin face-book user , I am awaiting my candles. I can see Whitney again know what I mean. Thanks for your fan team taking the time to review. It,s funny I once asked someone to post my blogs for me.At times when I,m watching your videos
I read what I've posted(crazy). I always stay true to the wonderful sun sings that
we share.You are an success story in every way.America is proud of you. Can you convince your label to release your live shows especially the one in Washington D C.You gave homage to everyone I love that about you.Real with such sophistication. I know that every entertainer who is good, has studied YOU!
Stay in touch. I will honor my word to support you always and to defend your honor.Will someone please get your record sales up to date(smile).Stay strong
Be BLESSED .I read some history about John Newton shared your birthday .THAT SONG YOU 1ST SANG IN CHUCH GUIDE ME O THOU GREAT JEHOVAH, well when it comes to you we don't have a clue.I love history.You are so smart. I want the whole world to know. SISTER WHITNEY,

I only make post on this site.Never u-tube.'Sometimes media comments. xxxxvgreene

God is faithful, whitney we have been waiting for this i am so happy your i back i love your song i did't know my own strength. wow man when i saw you singing it on oprah i felt something. God has called you stay sweet and strong. u r every woman, and now i know that only the strong survive. keep on going you inspire me.

Great interview on Extra and lol @ Kevin Frazier telling Whitney that she's skingy with her music, rotflmbo! Whitney was getting ready to read him too!

greetings Ms.Whitney Houston,
I bless God for your return, I am so excited about the new film. I will continue to pray 4 your strength... in your upcoming endeavors.