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Back To School With Whitney


As the fall approaches, it’s that time of year to start your back to school shopping. What better way than paying a visit to Whitney Houston’s webstore, where fans can buy any two t-shirts and get a third for FREE! Don't miss out on this ‘Back to School’ special starting now.

Hozzászólások (15)

These things are very cool. I would like to have it but I don't know how I can buy it because I am from poland. I suppose I will buy a normal T-shirt and photographer will make her photo on my normal T-shirt Laughing out loud

God save whitney,the best singer in the world,We are happy to see you recovered and beautiful, bliss, continue to be with a voice that touches everyone I'll always love you

I think you should by the book " Song and wind" by Arnold Jacobs, god idea
greeting from ew

Whitney, I'm doing your job ten of my adolescence, I will always love you, your voice is the voice of God.
You are very special to him and all the fans, God is with you much success Diva.kiss

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