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Number One On This Date


Today we celebrate Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love Of All". This pop ballad blockbuster, the fourth top ten (and third number one) from Whitney's first album, was in the middle of a three-week run at the top of the U.S. pop charts 25 years ago today.

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Whitney, my sista, my friend. I feel like i know you personally, i have been following and listening to your beautiful voice for 25 years now. I am from Newark, New Jersey. I am a child of God. I had backslid. Over the years i have been through so much, abusive relationships and also drug abuse. When you came out with I didn't know my own strength at that point in my life I was coming out of my abusive relationship and it was God who brought me through it and your voice singing songs from your heart, even if you didn't write the songs, you still sang them from your heart. I have come to realize that God has something special in store for you, the devil is trying so hard to keep you down. We must remember Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world (1 John 4:4). The battle is not yours it belongs to the Lord. My Sista give it to him, everyday is a struggle, I know!. (Matthew 11:30) For My yoke is easy and My burden is light. Trust him. I thank you for how you helped me and I need you to survive! Congratulations Ma! I hope one day I will meet you. Take Care. Love You.

Whitney I also am your myspace friend
I was 11 yearsold when this song came out it was 25 years ago?Man yeah it's 2011 now that was 1986 I still like the song you look beautiful

You are so beautifull. (Você é tão linda)
You are my inspiration to sing. (Você é a minha inspiração para cantar)
Now, you have a new life. (Agora, você tem uma nova vida)
So...(Sendo assim...)
God bless you forever! (Deus te abençoe sempre!)
You sing love and you need love. (Você canta o amor e precisa de amor)
So...(Sendo assim...)
You must believe...I love you. (Você precisa amo você)

Congratulations Whitney! You're The Best

Congratulations on your release of your Album. As you can see in my writing I am old school. No one can touch that album ever! If you don't sing another song in that genre, it doesn't matter. You made your mark and your fans will follow you whereever you go. Those who appreciate a true artist will appreciate the artist for their gift, not their personal life. They were never true fans if they get into your personal life. We all fall short. Who are we to judge? Thank you for so much powerful music that touches the soul. Gospel is the way to go for you now. I believe god will release another annointing on you that people will be scratching their heads and saying. Oh My God! Be Blessed and may God Take you to another level in his Kingdom!

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