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Whitney Houston Wows At Clive Davis Grammy Party


We are happy to share exclusive photos of Whitney Houston from the 53rd Grammy Award festivities. Take a look at this amazing pic of Whitney at Clive Davis' legendary Pre-Grammy Party. She even gets up with Dionne Warwick!

Take a look at what ShowBiz411.com had to say:
Whitney Houston and Dionne Warwick showed Clive Davis’s A list party crowd how superstars make history last night. In front of a double A list crowd in the Beverly Hilton grand ballroom, the two cousins (their mothers are sisters) brought down the house with “That’s What Friends Are For” in a tribute to Warwick’s 50 years in showbiz.

Read the full ShowBiz411.com article here!

Photos: Kevin Mazur/Wireimage

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The Greates Singer off All Bless You Whitney!!

Hanzie From Holland (Dutch Boy)

would it be possible to hear the song that whitney sang with dionne warwick....please!thank you!


Whitney you look absolutley gorgeous. Keep looking up. I love you very much...I'm an enormous fan of yours.

I will always be a fan. Never stop singing~

Loved the performance on youtube and Whitney looks stunning as per usual.

Whitney i love you and will always be your fan.

Bobbi Kristina
Happy birthday to you.......
Happy birthday to you......
Happy birthday my dear......
Happy birthday Bobbi Kristina!!!!!!!!!
May God Bless You

My Dear Ms Houston, you are a wonderfully, gifted Artist. You can do it all. Please know that we as your fans pray for you and total health. Please reach for your Bible when life gets hard,try Psalms 91, read it out loud, over and over again. It will help. I promise. You can reach for me anytime of the day or night to listen to you, pray with you, or talk to you.
Because of who you are, people forget you are human and expect more than we should, but live life for yourself and remember our Creator, JESUS, in all things. Yours is a message. You are still living your story and only God knows the end chapter. Be Blessed and know I'm praying for you and Bobby Christina (look at her name). you know where you belong. I don't mean a Mega church, you need the old fashioned, small, Holy Filled Church, where the people still believe in laying on of hands and old fashioned testimony service and the preacher can get real prayer through!!!!!!!!. and there's real chrisitan love. Its time to go back to the OLD LANDMARK and do the first works over.
Thanks for reading this. I hope it helps. Just wanted to give something to you; since you give so much of yourself to others.
Keep singing and bringing the audience to their knees. I'll be watching, smiling, and tearing as if you were my own daughter.
Ms. Ruth, Stone Mountain,Ga.

Everybody goes THRU things. It is only when they come out on the other side that we can celebrate with them. And we celebrate with you Whitney! We CELEBRATE with you! Keep doing what you're doing! Keep singing! Don't listen to the haters, the nay-sayers and those who say 'Look what she did yesterday" instead of "Look what's she's doing today!" I say LOOK WHAT SHE IS DOING TODAY! Thank you, Whitney, for NOT GIVING UP. Much love!