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Preview Whitney's Performance On Celebration Of Gospel '11


Here's a glimpse of Whitney bringing down the house on BET's Celebration of Gospel '11 show, set to air this Sunday, January 30 (check local listings).

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She stole the spotlight away from Kim. Naturally, because it really is Whitney's song. She hit the nail on the head bigtime. The crowd went absolutely wild for "the voice!"

whitney you did a beautiful that song...i love you and God Bless!!!!

That was a great perfomance!! Praise God she looked great and it is so exciting to see her performing again. You Go Girl!!!!

Whitney has and will always be one star among trillions! I love her and will always be a huge fan and supporter. God bless her and her family. God is almighty and can do all things!

Hi Whitney,
I'm so happy to see God continually blessing you..I loved your performance and look forward to seeing more of you!!! God Bless you and keep on praying!!!

i want to say that i love whitney an she is coming back 100% because she is a child of god and he uses us to show the world his power and love so you just waite and see what i tell you. also she rocked at bet is was just a tase of whats to come.
keep prayin an watch Gods magic.

Her performance on COG was wonderful, her voice is getting clearer. Keep praying. May God continue to be with you

Great great great performance tonight! I love it!!!! Keep up the good work Nip!

Praise God Whitney: Hallelujah! Truly God has carried you on eagle's wings and brought you unto Himself with a Mighty Hand as He did His Chosen People in Exodus 19:4-6, and I Peter 2:9! You are Precious unto the Lord, one that He has kept for Himself for this time. He not only Called you but Chose you before you were in your mother's womb for a Great and Mighty Work! The Spirit of the Lord was upon you last night and the Anointing God has placed on your life shined brightly. You are His Bride, one of His Remnant Seed that He has Purposed to use for His Glory; a Peculiar Treasure in the earth above anything you can even imagine or think. You are one of those that God has called to be part of that Chosen Generation, a Royal Priesthood, a Peculiar People that you should show forth the Praises of Him who has called you out of darkness into His Marvelous Light!
I was so godly proud of you Most Precious Woman of God. That is how God sees you. He wants you to "Know" that He was well Pleased with you daughter of the King. He wants you to Know that He will honor the way you Honored Him by Singing unto Him and Worshiping Him for His Grace, His Mercy, and all He has done for you with a Pure Heart. What you did was not a performance, but a Worship giving Glory to God and He shall Reward you saith the Lord. The Lord says, Remember not the former things, neither consider the things of old, for He is doing a New Thing in the earth and in your life, do you not know it? It is Springing forth. Move with His Spirit saith the Lord. It is a New Season in your life in Him. I love you much Apostle Chai Yehovah -
May He continue to Pour His Spirit upon you! Truly when all hope seems gone, we look to the God of our Salvation! Be Encouraged and Be Strong in the Lord and in the Power of His Might. What God has in Store for you in Him, is Exceeding Abundantly above All that you are able to Ask or Think! You are called to Minister to the Masses uniquely and powerfully, to Speak what God gives you, for there is Power in your tongue placed there by God for His Glory and to touch the heart of the People! God desires to bring forth healing and comfort to so many Whitney through you. He wants to do so with the same healing and comfort He has done for you and is doing. He is healing wounds that you once thought could not be healed. Hold on to Him and Walk into the Place He has Prepared for you!!! Much Love. Truly, God's Love for you is Beyond Measure- so are His Plans for your life. Hallelujah!

I think what's most amazing about Whitney is that, coming out of hell, she doesn't see herself as a mighty woman, but she keeps believing in an "upper" power stronger than her. So she sings with gratitude: "'s in you that I hear a song...", when there's pure music in her.