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Have you heard the buzz about Whitney?


LA Times Blogs

Clive's pre-Grammy party: Whitney Houston returns, Kelly Clarkson shows sass Suddenly there she was, after all this time. Whitney Houston walked onstage at the end of Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy gala at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday in a leopard-print corset dress and a coat that made her look a bit like a big cat -- her hair a nimbus of curls, her smile a tolerant mask...

Entertainment Weekly

Whitney Houston's Grammy gift to Clive Davis The annual Clive Davis pre-Grammy party is a giant star-spackled cruise-ship extravaganza, and last night Whitney Houston was its headliner, anchor, and fire drill coordinator rolled into one...

New York Daily News

She's baaack! Whitney Houston belts out a stateside comeback for Clive Davis' pre-Grammy bash Whitney Houston's back! After a string of "comeback" performances outside the U.S., the 45-year-old diva finally took the stage back home - at music mogul Clive Davis' pre-Grammy bash...

Rolling Stone

Whitney Houston Ready For Comeback, Clive Davis Says Whitney Houston is on the comeback trail, record industry icon Clive Davis told MTV yesterday during rehearsals for his pre-Grammy gala. According to Davis, Houston was expected to rehearse last night for a special performance at the event, which is always a blockbuster affair.

E! Online

Whitney Houston, We Don't Have a Problem Whitney Houston is back! The legendary singer returned to the Hollywood stage last night to perform at Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy bash at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. She was the last to go on in a lineup that included Rod Stewart, Sean "Diddy" Combs, Kings of Leon, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, Barry Manilow and the incomparable Jennifer Hudson, among others.


Whitney Houston Dazzles Grammy Crowd

She has risen! Whitney Houston's return to the stage at a pre-Grammy fete honoring her mega mogul mentor Clive Davis is being hailed as a triumph.

Pop Watch

From the moment cocktails were served at 7, buzz swirled around Whitney Houston. Would the long-absent diva really brave the stage at Saturday night's celebrity-packed Pre-Grammy Gala? -- it's where Davis unveiled Alicia Keys and Leona Lewis...

Hozzászólások (11)

Whitney has always been my favorite female singer. When I was in FYE store and saw her billboard, I went "OHh look at Whitney" !! bringing folks attention to it. I love the song, I LOOK TO YOU, its delivery is just so believable - you go Ms. Whitney!!!

My girl rocks!
This album is going to be a big hit!
Trust me.
There's no one like her, her voice is amazing!
Don't play attention to those who say Whtiney lose her voice.
She is still a great singer, and that's one of the million reasons that I love Whitney Houston.

Whitney is the only one!
The Voice
The Best
She is a real Diva

Dear, dear, dear Whitney!
THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for your beautiful voice and your music that made sooooo many difficult years of my life sooooooooo much more bearable....
You and Michael Jackson touched my soul in ways no one has....
YOU ARE VERY SPECIAL and I hope you overcome ALLLLLLLLL the challenges in your life. I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY TO SEE YOUR PICTURES AND YOUR NEW CD available. YOU ARE THE VERY BEST!!!!! Such a VERY talented artist with sooooo much to give!!! NEVER, EVER give up!!!

I like all the albums of Whitney.She is an amazing singer.

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I,m sooooo glad for Whitney.She deserve so much more. She is always a
breath of fresh air. Delightful is who she is. I can hardly wait for what ever
she does. I will always support, pray for and purchase anything she does. I
can't stand haters who refuse to appreciate such an extra ordinary TALENT
in every way.fan #7000 something. Keep on keeping on. Don't you love it when
they tell you no, then you can show them you can.

I personally love whitney houston and respects her struggle, i think alot of people doubt her greatness these days, when they need to realize the impact she has made on all of us male and female, she really showed what she had these last couple years and i cant wait to see whats next for her, she is to me the greatest singer that i have ever heard and even though she doesnt sound like she did before she still can deliver a chiling and moving performance and her power is something that you can never take away from her. The Voice

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how can someone you have never met have such an impact on you and your emotions,i feel like i knew her,that can only be down to her beauty and the way she makes you feel and believe every word she sings.RIP whitney xx

I don't know what all all the rave is about Houston
Bottom line she was a crack using alcoholic who had been out of the music seen for years.
She did this to herself and doesn't deserve any tributes or fan fare,

She is a disgrace to the music community and society and didn't care about anybody but herself.

Her death means nothing because her life and family meant nothing to her.
People and her so called loyal fans who she disappointed and really didn't care about need to realize this.

RIP Whitney but you put yourself in the coffin and grave.
You can't blame your fame you had plenty of money to clean yourself up but you decided to continue your destructive way of life.