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i must say that i have been a Whitney Houston fan since the beginning of her career and i am still standing here and living proof that everyone has there trials and tribulations and she definitely proved to herself and god almighty and family and fans all over the world have stuck by her through thick and thin.
you are a true inspiration for me as a person and a human being.
all the best Whitney with this accolades with this album and plenty more.
simmone joyette

i hv been listen to this woman ever since ibe know my self. and i love her no matter wat those hypocrits say

tomorow peops. more withney for ever and forever. that wi a sah zeen

Well I have been listening to her music since the age of 8 years old.
And watching her on Barbara Walters Special, American Music Awards, Soul Train , South Africa Concert, Divas Live 99 03 The Bodyguard, Waiting To Exhale ,The Preacher's Wife, The Cinderella , Ebony , Entertainment Weekly,Vibe, Bazaar, Redbook, Jet. I was even an obsessed fan back in the day doing a project on her and signed my name to it .
Primetime, and Michael Jackson anniversary show. The only thing left for me to do is meeting you in person.And going to her concert too.
that will make my day.
Simmone Natasha Joyette

When will Whitney Houston going to come to Toronto to perform? i would love to by tickets to see her here in Toronto.


I loved and enjoyed I Will Always Love You :The Best of Whitney Houston and Sparkle Original Motion Soundtrack Album also I will Always Love You A Salute To WhItney Houston.
Simmone Natasha Joyette

the world lost a great voice of all time1

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