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Whitney Houston In Antwerp


Here is a great photo taken by Rudy De Doncker of Whitney Houston performing in Antwerp on Monday night!!!

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You are an angel Whitney x
I was at the concert in Antwerp. I was so proud of you, you gave it your all x
Be proud Whitney x You are loved <3 x x x x

Dear Whitney,
I may not be your biggest fan as many of the people here are. I do however remember you as the first concert I went to in the States and I loved every note you sang.
When I remember that concert, it brings back great memories for me with my mom and dad and it has helped shaped the person that I am today.
I cannot help but wonder how you are doing personally these days. There are so much news of your concerts, the angered fans, the appreciative fans... everyone is quick to make a judgement and I can only imagine how challenging it is... how much patience, acceptance and belief in one's self to handle all that is said.
I can see though that the many fans who love you here give you all the support you may need... all the love you may need to help you get thru the rough times. Of course you have your family as well. I only hope that you succeed in life, on your tour, in your personal triumphs and goals. You've taken a journey periled with obstacles and you've managed to be where you are now... some call it making a come back but I hope you've only just begun.
I do want to stress however that I've done much reading on why perhaps your voice may have lost its previous lustre and I worry that you will continue to damage it. I hope you are taking precautions and have been singing "properly" to avoid further damage. I found a wonderful article by a voice coach whom I do not know but I found the article helpful in understanding "voice" in general and wanted to share it with you and your fans. At the end of the article there are some suggestions on helping keep your voice, if not to improve it. I cannot vouch for the quality of this voice coach but I imagine any or all of his suggestions can't possibly be harmful. Here is the site - http://www.aapproach.com/what-happened-to-whitney-houstons-voice-a-vocal-coachs-analysis/

I wish you and your family well and I will send you as much love and light as I can as you continue to tour.

this pic is wonderful!!! go on Whit, world is with u!!! Wink

I was in your concert in Antwerp, you was so gorgeous Whitney, God bless you! When will you come back again?

Nice photo. I definitely love how good Whitney is delivering, regardless of those abrasive critics who've been too wrapped up in what she went through the past several years. She just needs to keep her head up, and just be herself and not what other people think about her.

On this photo we can see how much you're giving us the energy and lots of love. We realy appreciate it Sexy ... I wish I was there Sad

He Whitney,

What a wonderful concert you gave in Antwerp and that on my birthday. Sitting in de front row, for the first time, that was amazing, to sitting so close to you. You really gave it all! I am so proud of you, you hang in there. I have heard so many bad comments of your performance. People do not realise what you have been through past years. And that your voice is bad, but it is NOT, you got still the same voice, you used it differently than in the past, but with so much more character and depth. I really like that. I hope you will keep on going, cause I like to hear and see much more from you. By the way, the concert was really nothin' but love. I will give to you in return.



I was at the concert in Atwerp and it was the best Show i have even been to.
I could feel all the emotion passing through my body...couldn´t take the smile out of my face!!!

I feel blessed having the honor of seeing and listening to you!!! You just got another big fan.
Keep on shining girl, for sure the love you receive is much greater than the critical!!

We´ll Always love U <3

Whitney Looks Awesomeee !!!
I Am One Of Her BIGGEST Fans ..
No Rumors Can Break Her Because She Is Whintey !
iiDon't Call It A Comeback Cause She's Been Here For Years ..

<3 Quettahhh ..

Hey Whitney, I`m waiting for you here in Brazil. When will you give us the pleasure?
We love you so much and we keep praying for you
Kisses,Kisses and more kisses
See you soon!!!