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Whitney Houston in Antwerpen op 24 mei 2010!


Niet vergeten: op 24 mei komt Whitney Houston naar Antwerpen voor een schitterend concert! Bestel hier je ticket. Tot dan!

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It was just AMAZING!!!!

I 've been to the concert yesterday at the sportpaleis Belgium.

It was good and by moments amazing.
Nobody shouted boe or something like that (happined at earlier concerts in the beginning of the tour).

Some people left the arena earlier (but not much) ,they we're stupid because it was amazing.

The ambiance and standing applause speak for themselve.

Whitney performed great and you can still hear wat a great voice she has.

During the concert she had a little bit burden of the heat (this minor thing is the reason why a few people left earlier).

ps:Whitney don't give up,you still are a great performer and singer,and I hope that you come back with a next tour within a few years.
Don't let the failer in the beginning of the tour disappointed you.

posted by Sandra

what a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what a lady!!!!!!!!!!!
i think she's back!!!!!!
for me it was amazing!!!!!!
thanxs for the wonderfull evening in Antwerp yesterdag,
Whitney see you next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Sister, I was in Antwerp last night (24th May). I've been reading the tabloids already and well... they are the tabloids aren't they. As a Belgian I was pretty ashamed for the concert building itself. So dirty, so deranged, terrible seats, and no place to put your leggs (imagine I would have your leggs ;o)))) ). I've been praying a lot of times while you where performing, cause I know you need praying for. Lady you've been through some rough times, and still are, and I know that being who you are leads to letting your life being lead, instead than being lived. Sometimes... we need to distance ourselves from society and its daily life, just to regenerate ourselves. We all do need this from times to times, no matter who we are. But we must acknowledge the fact, and really take this time for ourselves. Remember God is the only one, who presents freedom, so it's your Godgiven birthright to be free, to take time, to relax and to be happy. If one is happy inside, it will show outside. I'm looking at your agenda, it's huge ! So I'm praying that you will pull through. Don't focus on the critics, don't focus on the tabloids, don't focus on your financial entourage, and don't focus on people who arrange your life. Just focus on God, yourself and a very close friend to you, who has always been there for you, just for you, and not by any other selfish interest. These are things that make life worth living, the rest is decoration. Nothing made of humans hands is valuable, but only their creator. I hope someway somehow this message (and the ones that follow) may reach you.

I was there too. What a night, what an atmosphere, what a voice, what an artist, what an entertainer, what a woman!!!!! We enjoyed every single moment of the show. No words could describe what we felt. She just had the audience on her knees. Let there be no doubt: whitney IS the greatest of all time and she STILL HAS IT. No other singer will come close to her artistically and vocally, even now. Not many can gather 3 generations in the same concert!
Whitney you rule!! Don't let those critics pull you down!! We, your true fans, know that's all rubish!!
Hope to see you soon back in Belgium!! Belgium loves you forever!!!!!!

Hulp gevraagd aan de Belgische en Nederlands fans.

Op het nieuwsblad,sterrennieuws en standaard breken ze het concert van 24 mei in het sportpaleis af.

En ik was daar en vond het goed,daarom wil ik vragen jullie positieve commentaar daar te posten op de forums.

Maar blijkbaar horen ze enkel graag het negatieve nieuws.
Want bij het naar buiten komen stonden de journalisten van de rode loper daar en die reageerden verontwaardigd omdat ik het goed vond,blijkbaar willen ze enkel slecht nieuws horen.

Whitney you are still the best!

I was there in Antwerp and it was amazing.
Very good start of the show with "for the lovers".
Real respect!! You stole my heart.
Hope to see you soon. Inge xx

Ik begrijp dat fans hun idool op deze pagina onvoorwaardelijk blijven steunen, maar objectief beoordeeld: het concert was echt beschamend slecht.

We were there as well ..... The concert was nice and reflecting the real come back of super icon Whitney in a great show....Smile Nobody wanted to hear an exact copy of a cd playing.... no this was LIVE entertainment with nice moves and after 25 years on stage ...nice voice of Whitney.... She let us dance and enjoy her show...thanks Whitney ....Smile We look to you !

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I Will Always Love You
Live in Antwerp 2010