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Whitney - No Matter What Keep Going!

Listen my voice and thoughts to you may never get heard. I pray it does amongst a million fans. I don't need to say how great you were and how great you are today..But you are. Only you know the struggles that you went through that migrated you off the road. We all wish it didnt happen. But it did. Therefore we dont know the struggles you're going through to get back on the road.

You have sought to change and undo what has been done. You've asked for forgiveness of your family friends and fans. For those of us that only know you through music some people have no empathy, no confidence, no patience. Expectations from our end become so astronomical that nothing will measure up. Change is hard to accept for people when clearly they cant accept change in their own lives or even make an attempt at a needed change.

We have the "I want it now" syndrome and if not you suck, you're worthless, blah, blah, blah. To the conditional fans who have sealed off real world dilemmas in their own lives and masked them by ignorance, selfishness, avoidance and what have you, take a step back and figure out what courage is. The battle isnt just measuring up to "The Voice" for the fans it's also a WAR im sure for her to measure up to herself. She doesn't need the conditional people. She needs people who will stand by her not because she was a success but more importantly because she also failed somewhere along the way BUT is WILLING TO GET UP AND TRY AGAIN knowing the whole world is watching and ready to knock her down. Why??? Because people suck. They feed off of drama more so than good.

What is more courageous and respectful and honorable, in my opinion, is that someone who had it all, lost it all (almost) and is willing to get back up and am for that top spot again.

How many can say or do that really?

There are those of us out there Whitney who can have compassion, empathy, patience and still have pure enjoyment in you and your voice and have complete faith and hope in your strides back to the top. Your top!

We have your back. Don't give up. If you believe in you and the journey keep going.........and don't look over your shoulder.

We love you...never forget that.