Check out Whitney's amazing performance of "A Song For You" in Nottingham last week! | The Official Whitney Houston Site

Check out Whitney's amazing performance of "A Song For You" in Nottingham last week!

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Hi Whitney, We saw you in Birmingham Tues 13th. You were amazing. Thanks so much. One of my best ever days.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE Make a Gospel Album!

I don't know why so many critics have been so hard on Whitney throughout the tour. She sounds alright. It is as if those critics want her to die in front of our eyes the way Michael Jackson had passed away last year and cheer about it. She definitely has had that Billie Holiday voice in there for a long time, and hasn't been afraid to show it. She still puts that intimacy there, and I like it. I really don't know why artists like that can't still sing soulfully.

I had the pleasure to be in the o2 Dublin on Saturday night april 17th where i witnessed a fantastic performance by whitney. She engaged with the crowd and blasted out all her hits and it was an honour to be there. Thanks whitney.

Please put "I Look To You" and "Greatest Love of all" up - it was soooo amazing!!! Oh and as LJ stated - about the Gospel Album, I´d second that Smile

A Song for You and For the Lovers would have set the dancefloors all over the world on fire if they were released with a great music video! Hot!

Whitney! You are amazing and I love you, can´t wait until you came to Sweden again!!

Please come to Brazil!

I hope you guys are going to release a DVD with footage of the tour! I find so strange that you post videos posted by fans in youtube when you should have much better footage!!! come on, this is Whitney!!! you can (and should) do better!!! She is doing an amazing job!!!