Happyness! | The Official Whitney Houston Site


Hi Whitney!

I hope you are well and that you feel great, eveen if this is
a stressful times for you.

I can´t stop wonder if you are happy?!

I hope you are...

For me the most important thing is that you are happy and that people who truly
loves you is there for you in good and bad times.

I know I would...I would be there for you every step of the way...

Take a lot of time for you, don´t mind the fans and all the reporters and tabloids... you are the best..
and there isn´t anyone out there who is better or more beautiful than you are.


I´m gonna always be here for you. Ever since 1993 I have been you biggest fan and friend, and I have always waited for you too come back and I always believed in you and stood by you...

*More love than you can imagine!*