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The Queen of Power House is back. I proud of her work she has done thus far.I didnt know my own strength, Million Dollar Bill and for the lovers did it for me. Girl you rock.God bless you.

I love the entire album. My birthday is on Monday, and I already told my aunt that I want this CD! This would be the best birthday gift I have received. Love the album, love Whitney Houston!

I love this song and the whole album. I am so glad that whitney is back. God bless you Whitney and keep the faith. Keep holding your head up high and let nothing get in your way. Nothing girlfriend!

I love this album, and I'm not gonna say all the religious stuff, she already knows she's bless! She is definitely doing what she dose best. You only down if you stay down, and she is up and at it strong! Go Girl!!!!

I love Whitney! She's a legend and she's wonderful and her voice is a gift from God. The New CD is FANTABULOUS! I'm counting down the days to go buy it. I'll support Whitney in whatever she sings....One Wish is also Superfantastic! You won't be disappointed with Whitney-EVER! A FAN FOR LIFE....Felecia

Hi. First of all, I want to consider that I love Whitney's music and her great voice since I heard "All The Men That I Need" in early 90's. I adore her gospel work in the "The Preacher's Wife" and R&B roots in "My Love Is Your Love", which I refer to one of the greatest albums I ever heard (and believe me, I heard a lot of music! Smile )
I didn't expected a lot from her new album, so I'm not dissapointed. But I'm not suprised also. I know, her voice is not the same as in the 90s and she did a lot to recover her voice to her current condition. All I wanted from this album to hear songs, not big hits, not modern production, just songs. But any song from I Look to You can't be compared to her previous works, just because of its affectation (in my opinion).
Really wanted to hear Whitney to experiment with new styles and productions, or to try to record something like 60-70s soul sound, Wanted to hear maybe her interpretation of jazz classic. But I hear just a boring R&B sound - the same as we can hear from Keyshia Cole, Monica or Mariah (on her last and IMO worst album). Hey, but Whitney always was an example for all R&B/soul songstresses, and now she just follows their way. It's sad, really sad.
I don't want to say that album is terrible or something like that. I like Call You Tonight, like I Look to You (despite it has mediocre arrangement, Tricky should do it bigger!), like Salute (despite it reminds me an outtake from Mary's The Breakthrough album), but I wanted something freshier, soulful and not ordinary.
I hope that album will have a huge success and congratulate all fans with her new album!
Sorry for my criticism, I've just tried to reflect my feelings about new record
Best wishes,
Demon (Sumy, Ukraine)

Scepticism and criticisms aside – I am totally blown away. I am stunned. The best album ever.

This album to me is the ultimate celebration of life, thirst for love and the new day. She sings like there’s no tomorrow, but one can hear her yesterday in every note she delivers. It’s not an angelic voice anymore. But it’s so-called “imperfections” penetrate your soul, make your heart stop and bring tears to your eyes.It’s not singing. It’s more than singing, it’s “shamanism”, it’s as though something you thought was broken into pieces is a whole again. A new being and what you though were splinters are diamonds. It’s not just vocalizing, it is as though pain and strength and love and despair and triumph have been transformed into sound and now have the shape and color and the almost tangible texture. I would never compare her current voice (yes, with some of its edge) to any previous Whitney era – it’s different. Yet still the same in a big way – the way she manages to make you not just believe – KNOW that each word is meant only for you, every breath, every run is as expressive and meaningful as piles of wise and fascinating books and masterpiece painings.

Bravo, Whitney. I was crying listening to this amazing book of life, and those were tears of compassion, joy, pride, admiration and sorrow – whatever was implied on the tracks.

Incredibly fresh arrangements, totally current yet classy, it’s all Whitney.

I want to say about one TIMELESS ANTHEM there. It’s one of those songs that Whitney and Clive call “standards”. I am talking about I GOT YOU. It’s eternal. Years will pass – people will sing it – to me it’s as classical a song as was MLIYL – it’s GRAND. It was written that way. It was produced that way. And the devotion (without any vocal acrobatics) of Whitney’s singing here is stunning. I keep getting goose bumps every time I hear it – from the first sound to the last. There is an intense mixture of peace and harmony in the way Whitney lives through the lyric and still you can hear the PRICE paid for it in every single note. A revelation.

Well – I am happy. No filler tracks – it’s like a poem – you can’t lose a line.

And the poet is Whitney. And I will find whoever says Whitney is NOT the author of her material – I will laugh in his face.

Sorry for being chaotic, but the record is larger than life and I am a mere mortal ...


It's so great to hear "The Voice" once again! She is older and the voice has changed with age, but it is still unmistakable Whitney and still the greatest voice of our time. There isn't another female singer out there that can inject so much feeling and emotion into each song. It was sad to think that this remarkable talent might slip away, but she's been given a second chance and it appears she is making the most of it. "I Look to You" is an awesome testimonial of Whitney's range - soul, r&b, pop, dance, ballads, hip hop - it's got it all. Whitney owns every song with powerful vocals and conviction. She is a true master with that unique gift that is all her own. It seems like practically anyone can step into the studio these days, be made to sound good, and cut an album. It's the rare true talents like Whitney that make the memorable ones. I love the album. She's back!

This album is classic and, at the same time, really fresh, not only if we talk about Whitney's catalogue, but about current music in general.

My favourite song now is "Call you tonight" and I absolutely understand why Clive Davis during all three press-listenings said, that they plan to release this song as the first single.

Another one is "For the lovers" - absolute club banger from the very first second. I really like upbeat Whitney. I even have several ideas on how the video for this song should look like Wink.

"Salute". Great, powerful, emotional, very touching. I think R.Kelly did really good job on both - I look to you & Salute - tracks.

In my opinion these 3 songs should be the next singles in this very order.

Talking about Whitney's comeback, the most important thing I've been waiting for to hear in her new music is not great vocals (which we hear a lot on this album), not great ballads & melodies (which are there too) but the true passion, emotions in her voice.

For me the greatest part of Whitney's genius is the ability not just to sing songs, but to live songs in studio, during the concerts, TV-performances and etc. And she is doing it absolutely great & unique on this album!

Thank you, Whitney! And the best of luck! We are here for you!

P.S. Sorry for, probably, not very good English. It's not my native language.

I love the album from open to finish. I do wish there were more songs, but most Whitney Houstoon albums end with 11 to 12 tracks. I think this album has great songs, and I feel they captured Whitney's Houston the way it sounds now very well. I think she sounds fresh, and relaxed, and I think they classic runs that we have all expect from Whitney.

I am extremely excited to see how this album plays out on the charts and with the rest of the world. I hope David Guetta remixes 'A Song For You' which i love. I also hope "For The Lovers" is a single. The album has a 11 solid songs no fillers and that is rare.

Congrats Whitney & Clive!!