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I LOVE the new album! I have been a fan of yours since I was 6 or 7 years old. I prayed and had faith that you would overcome and I am so happy that you did! You look and sound great! Love you Whitney!

Awesome project!!! The words to these songs are so rich with meaning. I knew within my heart you would come back to us--and better than ever!! I'm grateful to God--He heard my prayers!! I love you, Whitney!!!!

Whitney is the best!

I love the album Whitney. I grew up listening to your music and I am extremely happy that you are back. God is good! Stay prayerful and be blessed


Whitney - I am so proud of you - I have been waiting for you to make a new album.

Please pray for my daughter to come out on the other side.

Love you to death.

Sandy Fuchs

Whitney- Many say that men dont go through similar situations but we do. I have to say "RISE UP IT IS YOUR TIME!!!!" I can relate to you in so many levels that all i can say that when you rise and you feel that inner strength lifting you up even higher dont let go, and when you feel and you see that you are surrounded around just nasty garbage allways remember that before all this ugliness, chaos, and hurt you were being lifted by that inner strength JUST HOLD ON BEUTIFUL BLACK CLASSY WOMAN God is holding you!!

Love and Respect You

Miguel Colon

I absolutely love every song on this album. Whitney, you must know that I was in my darkest hour, pretty scary, accidently hit Oprah's web site and heard "I didn't know my own strength", cried like a baby, fell to my knees, and prayed. I truly beleive that God sent what I needed at this scary time through you as a person, and your fabulous voice, to speak to my soul and let me know that he was watching and sent what I needed and gave through you. I love you!

Hey Whitney - All my life I've grown up to your music. I remember..the first song I heard was "I Wanna Dance With Somebody". In my spare time, I would sing along to your songs and be mesmerized by your voice, your style, your flow. I've missed that! Although I have to admit, I lost faith in you for many years..then when I saw you on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah made a comment about "Now I understand why..." (Oprah always has a way with words LOL) and then it clicked! I saw you pour your heart out, come clean and accept what you did (good and bad) and own up to it. I am no one to have judged you, in fact I owe you an apology. Ms. Houston, I truly apologize for losing faith in you. You have proved to me and everyone in the world that you always have control, and we must learn in life to progress in life. It's not about pointing fingers or pointing the blame. It's about learning from Life and moving on. It takes an enormous amount of Woman, courage, strength, humility and responsibility to accompish what you did up until this point in your life. I commend you for it! God gave you the gift of singing. He has not taken away what he gave you, after all you're still here AND with a brand new..not Comeback, but "Come Through" album! Hold his hand, he's there! You are back and I don't think you are not going anywhere! Million Dollar Bill is HOT! I blast it in my car every morning on the way to work LOL! I will continue to support you and your career as you truly deserve it! May God continue to Bless you and your beautiful daughter. Stay strong! "I'll Always Love You!"

Love Always,

Kenny Vazquez

Hey Whitney,

Hmmmm. I am a bit out of my league here. I have never been one to be star struck and have never posted anything like this before. However, I have to confess that I have been an enormous and grateful fan of yours. Your voice has moved me like no other. I too have had my share of struggles and thankfully gotten through to the other side. I am better and stronger than I could have ever been had I not had those challenges in the first place.

When new music stopped coming out by you, although I missed hearing your voice and missed being inspired by new songs, I always had faith that you would be fine. In fact more than fine, since you were undoubtedly exceptional to begin with. I was silently protective of you when I heard people question your character, which remains a reflection of those same individuals, rather than you. From my perspective, the purity and goodness that emanates from you is rare and unquestionable. So while I came across certain negativity on line about you, I remained confident that you would see yourself through your struggles and reap the benefits for having done so - whether you shared your voice again or not. The fact that you have been in the public eye and under public scrutiny does not remove your entitlement to encounter life's challenges - personal challenges - which ultimately make you a better, stronger, more whole person. Clearly that is the case for you. As much as I was touched and inspired by your beautiful voice, I never felt as if you owed it to me or anyone else - I simply a viewed it as a profound privilege for however long it graced my days. Having said that, I am thrilled to hear it again and I am deeply grateful for your willingness to share it with me and our world, but only for as long as you choose and for as long as it fulfills you.

Again, it is a bit odd for me to write these personal words to you since I have not had the pleasure of knowing you in person, but to whatever extent you are able to accept this - and to whatever extent beauty and the depths of another person can be transmitted through music and television, I say to you that I think you are one of the most beautiful and extraordinarily gifted woman I have ever seen.

I hope that you are equally mesmerized, proud and inspired by who you are as the rest of us are. My hat is off to you.