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I love love I look to you......Welcome back Whit. Smile

Wow I did for the first time in my life not expected much from Whitney but what a suprise. Whitney beyond a shadow of a doubt has been through a dark tunnel that many of us will never trully understand but oh what a blessing indeed. I waited almost 4 years for this album and it has been worth the wait. From the first track to the end of Salute I listened to every track with a renewed respect and admiration for THE VOICE. I can honestly not remember when last I bought a CD and when last I heard a full album where I did not skip one song I fell in inlove all over again. Even if Whitney doesnt sell millions and even if this albums flops at the charts it wont be because of the music it will be because of the image but beside that this is true RNB that only a true diva can bring back to us. This album oozes love and trials and joy and sadness and laughter and discovery all in one album Whitney has managed to speak to all people about this thing we call life and yes she succeded in bringing the magic and secret back to the music. I love you more than ever and I REALLY LOVE YOU LIKE YOU NEVER LEFT. I am also glad that Whitney went back to being the humble woman that we fell inlove with for a long time she had this rudness and diva attitude that nobody liked but luckily for us she has found herself again. Welcome back

Whitney is back with a depth in her soul bursting through in song. Her long journey has brought her home with a gift of hope and insight. Whitney is no longer just a diva with a gorgeous voice. Whitney has a true story of her own...a story that we all know...being lost..in pain and finally lifting our heads and looking to Hope, Life and Love. Whitneys vocals have a depth of believability like never before. I have listened to "I Look To You" over and over again. This is the song that my soul has needed to hear for a very long time. I am sooo happy Whitney Houston is back!!

i just love Whitney god has bless us with her singing and that's the reason why i love singing i knew that she was comin back i didn't stop asking to get her back ms whitney means a lot to me and cry i hope one day i can meet her cause i really love her


Whitney -

I've been so looking forward to this albumn release and it has lived up to everything I thought it would be. My favorite song --- CALL YOU TONIGHT --- gives me goosebumps gurl! This should totally be your next single <3 Can't wait for the next album as you only get better...

<3 always - Jake

Ms. Whitney,

I appreciate the passion in the song "I Look To You". The video is exciting...not overproduced or too flashy. My plan is to celebrate my 60th birthday 09/15/2009 with a cover version of "I Look To You" on a couple of the websites where my music is located.

{No Name/No website mentioned/No shamless plug intended}.

My deepest gratitude for all the joy you've given to the world and to me personally. When I hear you sing it takes me to another level. You can well imagine that in 60 years I've heard thousands of singers. I never get tired of hearing you.

Stay Prayerful, Stay Faithful, and Stay on the Battlefield. You are an OVERCOMER.

Your Humble Servant,

Reverend Robert L.. Johnson
Norfolk, VA

Hello, Whitney
Great Job! Awesome CD! The love and joy can be felt throughout your songs. Thank you for hanging in there and not giving up. I am so happy for you, keep up the good works. May God continue to renew your gifts and talents and hopefully you will continue to bless and inspire us with your singing. You go Lady!!!!!!!! Love Ya.

OMG every time I listen to it I find another song that I love.....Right now for some reason I am feeling "Salute". I came home crying to this song. Listening to the words got me teary eyed. I love this album. Thanks for another great album Whitney!!! God Bless you and your talents. Forever your fan.

This album is awesom Whitney. Keep up the good Work. Let go and Let God. He will bring you through like he has always done before. Love you Girl!

And I will "Always love You".....I knew you'd come back to us, I for one, never gave up on you and I know you never gave up on " you " either. Sometimes we lose our way, but if we truly believe in who we are and our faith in God, we never lose sight of our calling. God loves you Whitney, as we all do. This is a wonderful album..."I Look to You" is very inspirational and I also "Get It" when you sing this song, When I feel like I just can't do another day, I hear this song, it gives me pause. Your voice is a gift, it warms my heart and I still tear up when you sing...and you can sing anything. Keep blessing us with your beautiful voice, never forget we are not just your fans, we are your family and we adore you! God Bless you and yours and please, please.... never leave us again. I will buy this album, it is an excellent collection of songs. Love you, Nina