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Since I first heard "I Look to You", the tears flowed so easily. You are an amazing gift, Whitney. You are still "the best voice in the industry". This album is headed straight for the top, and you so deserve it. This album has been worth the wait.

I am your Original Fan, loving you since the very first album in 1985 (probably even longer than that since you so beautifully graced the covers of magazines long before then). Please take this with only the love from which it comes: I am so very proud of you. You have had your share of life's issues, and come back to all of us that have missed you so very much. Welcome home, Whitney.

I can't say that I have one favorite song; they are all terrific in their own right, and I know that you will be at the top of the charts, once again. I am so glad that you worked your magic with the old standard "A Song for You". Another tear jerker for me. And your duet with Akon is truly a love song for today.

I wish you much love, success, and happiness. You have a world of people that truly appreciate you. And it's apparent that you and Clive share something very special. Cherish him. As I know he does you.

Much love to you and your family, Whitney. Congratulations!

Whitney, I want to say that I am loving your new album. I am not saying that because I'm one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest, but because the album quality is priceless. I have all your albums and loved all of them but this one is very special to me. We haven't heard from you since 2003 and some of us didn't know what to expect from a new album. I liked Just Whitney but I wished some of the lyrics on a few songs was better but as all ways your voice is golden. This new album is GREAT lyrically and vocally. I ask that you PLEASEEEEEE make "Call you Tonight" one of the singles from the album??? That song is simply breathtaking. I love it soooo much. My Favorite tracks are Call You Tonight, Worth it, Salute, and Nothing but Love.. But I love the album as a whole, those tracks just really stand out.

Love you Whitney


Whitney, I can't wait till tomorrow when your new album is released. I have to tell you that I have already downloaded I LOOK TO YOU (so it plays when my husband, mom and daughter calls) and MILLION DOLLAR BILL (for everyone else) to my phone.

I AM SO GLAD YOU'RE BACK.....You are truly my favorite!!!

I cannot wait until tomorrow! I have prayed for this day. First of all, I have always liked and loved Whitney Houston. Tomorrow, I turn 20 (which really makes this so special for me), so I cannot speak on the impact she had when she first burst on the scene in 1985. But I remember falling in love with her in 1996's "The Preacher's Wife," then "Cinderella" in 1997, and so on. It was the day of her interview with Diane Sawyer in November 2002 when I made up in my mind that Whitney was not just another singer---she was a SUPERSTAR! From then on I have followed every story, gossip, performance, interview, or any footage--good or bad. When I tell you that I have been praying, I have. I have not been praying for her in the sense of her "issues," I have been praying for her as a person. I have been asking God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to strengthen her mind, body, spirit, voice, and soul. I have asked God to bless her, her daughter, her family, her friends, her career. Basically, the same prayers that I pray for myself and anyone else, because afterall, Whitney Houston is just another human being, who just so happens to be chosen by God to share her gifts with the entire world! Thank you Ms. Houston, and I love and support you all the way!

The thought of a Whitney Houston comeback seemed to be a little more than a fantasy, but it stayed as just that: a fantasy. When it was announced that "The Voice" was teaming up with legend Clive Davis, the idea still seemed somewhat surreal, though hope began to surface. Now, after hearing the new Whitney Houston album, it is without a doubt that the diva has left all those who once doubted without speech. "I Look To You" is for anyone in the mood for a good dance, a lover or a friend; whether you are in the search for love or in the search for yourself, this album has proven to be one of the singer's finest accomplishments.
Far from her "I Will Always Love You" days, Houston comes to show that she is here to stay, no matter what anyone says; not only will Whitney recover old fans, but she is without a doubt soon to get new ones. To the old and the new friends, I say: Enjoy. To the irrevocable diva, I say: welcome back and congratulations.
I give only two thumbs up, because it is all I've got on my two hands.

Whitney, it is wonderful you found yourself in the mist of the storm, for I can feel you pain as I have been hiv positive for 16 yrs and I have to say the first 3 wer very destrucive but in my heart I knew I was stronger and better then my weakness..It's life changing and were both surivors and I can't wait til 8 am I'll be at Targets...LOL

Dear G3Varela,
Use all your body parts and give her the best support! (lol) two toes up and whatever else you can get up!

Whitney I been Cussin you out!!!! for the past 3 years about this damn CD Gurlll Praise the Lord today is the day ima drive this damn Jag into the Walmart.. opss I herd them bastards wont sell the cd If this is true then I wont be buyin anymore bread and soap from them ever again! I dont know what you have been through doll-face becuase I was'nt there but I'll tell you this A b**** was Praying for you to come out....... I am Laurent and I have Aloways Loved you..... You have always Been the most Breathtaking Woman and Singer in the Universe to me and all of my friends know this!!!!! I can even hit a note or 2 like you hehe I cant do it like you chil but a b**** can dream... Peace, Love, and Success DIVA all the day........ Ohh and my favorite song is For the Lovers aww s*** I love all of them Imm buyin 3 Cd's just incase I wear one out I'll have a backup or 2 hehe xoxoxoxoxxoxo Luv to Luv ya Mama.......

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I think this best describes "My Whitney's" new album...
It's time to Testify.......

Finally this day has come!
I've waited for it I don't know how long!
Whitney, you have to know that you're the best.
No one will ever take your place!
All the new songs are just amazing.
Great comeback!