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Feelin' like a dandy buck..

Well, Whitney was ones in Poland and She got famous of stealing as many towels, as a man is able to lift.. heh. She's just great. I don't care which of her songs are originally of hers.
Whitney's a strong character and her problem is gettin' in relationships with guys of strong character, as She should pick somebody of strong personality - no better fit.. By the way - she always sings for such guys with the greatest chemistry. Her friend Brandy's just playin' that (as she's the strong personality), but Whitney rules the whole purple extasy show!
I remember Her singing the last production. Feelin' like a dandy buck makes me think.. Think of that Cher is immortal, but Whitney is eternal. I do not know a person like Whitney, that fits the best to a frase: "I am as young, as everybody".. this body! For some it would be too much to speak about beauty in the showbiz, but the true beauty comes from the inside.. I do not think the true beauty could be ever spoiled in this case.
Whitney.. one clue. Do make videos in 90's style. I still have a VCR with great songs of that time. The showbiz has changed for worse.. and artists do not engage valluable specialists, who know how to play with colors, shapes and meanings. Every song has some changeability and monotonny and every song sees some logic in chaos. Right know artist produce stuff that is mostly designed to catch people with strong temperament.. do never address Your songs for such target. It's like playin' paper, stone and scisours.. all You can do is even create great productions for video-streaming sites, but ones Your fans remember You and get in toch with Your art - no-body would be able to stop You. You won't stop and You won't even be able to know how to stop.
That's going forwards.
Backwards I see the great artist, that let the art rrrrrule. Remember that people write fairytales, not the fairytales write people (somethin' like that). It's like fittin' the diet to oneself, and not fittin' oneself to a diet (better description). If there is any conflict You're in - let it be constructive.
Right now You're in a great point, where everything should be set to make a great decision of Your future. Do not let the luck decide of Your presence. You are important and not the hazy situation, that usually ignores the greatest vallue.
Since now - I see You.. I hope to be able to look at You whenever my emotions need this.
Luv Ya

p.s. Sorry for not beeing in Warsaw to bath with You naked in a goat milk - that was a bomb! I'd love to do that even though no-one was brave enough for such a step!