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I Look To You Countdown!


Whitney's highly-anticipated new album, I Look To You, is available everywhere 08/31/09. Mark your calendars and start counting down the days!!

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THE VOICE is back I'm so excited for you to be releasing a new CD..... God Bless You and all of your endeavors......

Ok, just want to say "THANK U JESUS"! because I've been hoping and praying she got herself together and show all these other female singers how ur suppose to do it! I've been waiting on this for a long time and I just know she's gonna shut it down, I just SO wish I could be on the Oprah show during this interview. lol She has been gone for a minute but no one has yet been able to take her place and I just want to say once again "THANK U JESUS", and GOD BLESS U MS. HOUSTON, and WELCOME BACK. Smile

Glad to have you singing again.

God is a friend who knows you as you are, understands where you've been, accepts who you've become, and still gently invites you to grow.

Best wishes to you and your family.

I have loved Whitney from the beginning of her career. There is so much that I would like to say and not enough room. I'll try to bottom line it...I would hope others would agree...Whitney Houston has given millions of people some wonderful thrilling lifelong memories through her amazing voice...I cannot imagine how anyone could even speak let alone sing after say....singing the Bodyguard songs repeatedly in a tour....that had to be such pressure in addition to incredibly hard work. But Whitney gave us that....and we have it to keep forever. I guess what I want to say is that through the good to the greatest...the bad to the worst...your fans will always love you, Whitney. We cannot expect you to be perfectly sensational each and every time...after all, is anyone? We are just so grateful...so happy...and so thrilled to hear you once again...but most importantly to have you healthy and happy....your well being is truly our greatest wish of all that we want for you.

Whitney is going to blow everybody out of the water. Do you guys remember when she sang The National Anthem at the Superbowl? Has there been a more awesome performance?! That voice, that voice.

Whitney, your true fans WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whitney is back YAY! Thank God for Whitney, we have nothing without you. The album is awesome and I still believe your finest moment is yet unknown! We love you and we've missed you!

Baby glad to hear that soothing voice back. Welcome back, wish you more success than what your eyes had seeing before.

im so glad a real singer is comin back to set the standard but for the love of God why on earth did they have to use the DAMN AUTO-TUNE on her voice. they have done it to ALL legendary singers that has had recent albums...Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross, and now Whitney Houston.. What the f***! It made MJ sound like he was nervous, destroyed Luther's infamous and sexy vibrato, and from the two songs i hear from Whitney, it has totally changed the tonation in her voice! I hate it... Only use auto tune for the idiots that CANT sing...Is SOMEBODY WITH ME ON THIS???

You go girl...you shine like I know you can, you blow like I know you can...I hope this album will be all you anticipate it to be in your life...and a new beginning for you...

Be blessed my sister...