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InStyle article: Whitney's return to movies

Check this out from InStyle mag if you havent read it. She mentions that if she returns to film it wont all be her (meaning doing both a sound track and starring role). That it's a lot of work. She's looking at a script currently but still deciding on it and the flick would be a "remake".

She did mention on the Ed Lover radio show back in late sept that she was considering a movie and would be starring in it. She also mentioned she spoke to Tyler Perry a few days before and considers him a friend. I wonder if he has anything to do with this script. Hopefully he remains way behind the scenes as an exec producer (like in Precious) cuz as a director he kinda sucks. All of his movies caters to urban community in a stereotypical fashion and widely panned by critics despite doing well at box office.

I wonder what kinda movie this will be - drama, musical, musical-drama, etc.?? If true, she wont start on it till next fall at best due to the tour which explains her answer about putting movies on the back burner in the auzzie interview and taking things "step by step".

Lena Horne considered whitney to play her in a bio flick until she got into the drug mess. Once Oprah got a hold of the project and bought the rights she wanted Alicia Keys but that project is on the back burner for yrs now. And certainly that flick wont be a remake anyway.

Any idea on what this flick might be? Thoughts?