Whitney Houston Featured in the January Issue of InStyle


Whitney Houston will kick off the 2010 new year with a special feature in InStyle Magazine. Take a look at the beautiful cover below and check out two additional photos from the spread...Whitney is looking amazing! Be sure to pick up the 2010 January issue of InStyle to see the full article!

Hozzászólások (46)

Awesome cover.
Great pictures!
I salute you!!

whitney is beautifull than ever

Whitney ur my inspiration and i love you sos so much. When you start singing, i do not want you to stop co you move me a lot.

Judah from Uganda.

I've loved Whitney since.... forever.
And I 'll always love you.
Its good to hear you sing so sweetly again but especially good to see you looking so radiant.
To me and a lot others....
You're every woman.