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I know that the Whitney Houston Fan Family is hurt, confused, sad, disappointed, discouraged about our Whitney not receiving not only the Grammy nod, but the comeback we had envisioned in our dreams so many nights over so many years. But…

<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> that Whitney has come from a place of pure, emotional turmoil just over two years ago. I'm sure she did not take one giant leap from her deepest nightmare and land right into the garden of wonderful. Three years is not merely enough time to recover from your entire world crumbling down: your love, your marriage, your family, your career, and your health. However, Whitney still did not crumble.
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> that Whitney had the strength to withstand complete betrayal from the man she loves, the father of her child, and her in-laws. The betrayal publicly stripped her naked and sent a direct message that it was strictly designed to bring her down. To be a woman and have the public know so much negative, intimate details about your womanly habits could be degrading to some. But Whitney looked the public in the eye and held her head up high.
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> that Whitney needs time to recover from emotional pain and disappointment. She is a strong woman, but as Tyler Perry said, "Just because she is Whitney Houston, she still needs prayer."
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> that Whitney is giving us her best. For those who think Whitney has been half-stepping on her live performances and appearances is incorrect. Whitney is giving us the best she has with each performance. Albeit, her performances can be better if she discontinued smoke cigarettes, but as a member of the Whitney Houston Fan Family, let's offer assistance than judge. Whitney is giving us the best she has today.
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> that Whitney is aware of her vocal shortcomings, but my heart says that she wanted to give her fans a new album. Yes, she will also receive revenue, but she speaks the truth when she says that Clive and her fans convinced her that they wanted a new album. Remember that Clive said Whitney understood the public had high expectations. Yet, she is brave enough to deliver a live performance to the entire world without lipping. Whitney is singing to her fans, yall, so let’s listen with a loving ear.
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> WMA 2004, Torino 2006, Live and Loud 2007, Plymouth Jazz Fest 2008, Kazakhstan 2008. Whitney’s vocal health IS improving.
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> that Tina Turner did not leave Ike and immediately make a big comeback. She recorded two albums before Private Dancer. Give Whitney time to get her legs back.
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> that Whitney received the very prestigious 2009 International Artist Award on the AMAs.
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> that Whitney is scheduled to perform in large arenas for her international tour.
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> that I Look To You is a success, dammit!
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> that I Look To You is certified Platinum within three months.
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> why we love Whitney Houston.
<strong>LEST WE FORGET</strong> that Whitney is as nervous about this comeback as we are. She only has her fans to look to.