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About the new Website

So I like what I see so far, but I think there are many fans out there who are very internet/message board savey who would love to chime in about how to plus this forum to make sure Whitney is represented here in a positive light and her fans have a great community to "look" to!

Here are my suggestions so far...please add more everyone:

1. Are there moderators on this forum? If so, do we get to meet them?
2. How policed is this forum? Will all extreme negative comments be deleted?
3 Add a link back to the forum home page at the top of each reply or post page. It's hard to circle back to the main page.
4. Video messages from Whitney herself and maybe some posts from her. We want her to communicate to us.

Anyone else?

Whitneyhouston.com peeps...thank you for your great work! We really do appreciate it.

Viki Smile