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Oprah Announces Upcoming Interview with Whitney!


Mark your calendars for what Oprah Winfrey has called “the most anticipated music interview of the decade”! On September 14th, the 24th season of the Oprah Winfrey Show will feature an interview with the one and only Whitney Houston! Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

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Whitney Deus te abençoe! num sei o que seria da musica mundial sem voce haveria um grande vazio se não existisse whitney houston na musica. obrigado por existir

whitney...please,come to brazil,we love you!!!!

I am starting to like this site!

I miss the guyz from the message boards!

Hey, guyz, xoxo, Nyp

Ms. Whitney,
Deserves the best ,she was once on the top of all singers, and now she will be there again.She is still very pretty ,lets all hope and pray she will have better luck should she ever fall in Love again.

Great website our girl would be proud - well I cannot believe this and I thought you would love to post this - The comedian/singer guy Nick Mitchell/"Normund Gentle" who swept American Idol this year just did an interview and I read online that he sang with Whitney at the My love is your love tour when he was 15! Someone needs to find a video of this, it says it was at Madison Square Garden!!!! Please find this video!!!!

News-Times: The Facebook group created by your former Brookfield classmates includes many stories of you suddenly bursting out in song. Where's the strangest place you decided to sing?

Mitchell: "I'm in eighth grade. I'm at Madison Square Garden with my mother. Whitney Houston is doing a concert. It was her 'My Love is Your Love' tour. She asked the audience 'Does anyone know how to 'Exhale (Shoop Shoop)?' That was one of her songs.

Of course, me being an absolute weirdo eighth-grader thinking he can throw down with Whitney Houston, I'm like 'I KNOW HOW TO SHOOP!' I get out of my seat, run toward the stage, (while) security was like -- 'What?'

Whitney's like 'No, no, it's cool. It's cool.' I got to 'Shoop' with her for about a minute. It was probably the best day of my life."

I Love Whitney so much. I've missed her and her music and I'm so glad that she's back.
I'm putting in my leave slip for work today for the big interview of the decade. Whitney show folks what you are made of - STRONG, BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL.........................

can't wait....I knew this day would come and much thanxx to Oprah!

I pray that I can get tickets to see Whitney on the Oprah show!! She has been my idol since I was 12 years old. I loved her through her ups and downs!!! We are not perfect! I simply love her music and her wonderful voice.

I agree with "OneWishGuy".......We Never left. Whitney, I'm going to say good luck, because I know, that you know where your strength, your gift and your success comes from....God Bless YOU!

I Love you.

OMG!! I cant wait.I am |A Big Fan. I so happy tha you her. WAITING 4 THE TOUR Love YOU SO MUCH