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Oprah Announces Upcoming Interview with Whitney!


Mark your calendars for what Oprah Winfrey has called “the most anticipated music interview of the decade”! On September 14th, the 24th season of the Oprah Winfrey Show will feature an interview with the one and only Whitney Houston! Stay tuned for more details coming soon.

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I wish I could be in United States to her on Oprah. We don't have those channel here in Latin America

god bless whitney! i believe god truley wanted us to hear his angels on earth and he did this thru his beloved child whitney. you are THE most incredible voice ever to come through my ears. im 39 and have appreciated alot of vocalists in my time , but for me, yours is the voice i want singing artound me in heaven. thank you for all the great performances . Your real supporters are always anxious to listen and we are so glad you healthy and well. dont let anyone tell you to feel any different than proud . Your not perfect , nor are any of us. You make mistakes just like the rest of us. Thats life, your real . no apologies. All i know is i am crazy excited you are back and your faith has kept you strong. im behind you along with all your true fans. we love u and have desperately awaited the return of your beautiful voice !!!!!!!! yahooooOO!!!!!!

Those of us who haved loved you for 25 years have waited a long time for Whitney to let the love in. We have watched you grow and flower and you"ve lifted us up, when you may have been down. I know without a doubt that our love for Whitney has grown stronger through the years but I pray that it is felt, and I pray that it means more now than ever.

I've seen Miss Houston LIVE many times and have felt a disconnection that I believed came from anxiety, trying to live up to the myth, when all we want is her truth. Whitney is our treasure but she is HER self and the two should be honored seperately.

God bless and from the heart to the heart.

Whitney, you have always been and will continue to be"The True Voice". I thank God for your gift that has bless my life through the years. Thank you! REB732

Whitney has always been my girl! Every since " You GIve Good Love" and the song I saw her sing on the stories with Jermaine Jackson, " If You Say My Eyes Are Beautiful." I am so glad Whitney has made it through the ashes! Remember Whitney, God doesn't give you no more than you can handle! I will continue to pray for Whitney and Bobbi Kristina and know that there is no doubt that I will be watching Whitney on Oprah. Whitney Do What You Do Girl! Show them who you are!

Whitney Houston, thats all I have to say Smile "THE WORLDS GREATEST SINGER" We as human beings go through our ups and downs its natural, so it jus makes us stronger Smile Thats what happen to my Whitney Houston, when I was a little girl, I prayed for a singer to move me! excite me! and to make me feel wonderful when im down, Whitney Houston is that singer, God bought her to me in 1985 when I first heard You Give Good Love on the radio, from then on, she truly gave us a gift with her Beauty and her voice......Im so greatful to see her back and looking more Beautiful then ever Wink God Bless You Nippy. Love Your #1 Fan Braacey'

All these newcomers shall pay homage to the ones who did it first and did it well.In this case thru all the trials and tribulations and with the help Of Jesus Christ shes back to reinstate the already know fact she is and will always be One Of The best Vocalist In the World!She has captivated me not only with the sound but with the soul and life she gives thru her voice.Welcome back Ms.Whitney E. Houston.

I've been waiting for you to come back. I held on to hope and had the faith that you would . I would love to see you on Oprah, but I'll be working. Maybe there'll be a rebroadcast of the show. I hope.

Well 1st I do have to say that I am so excited, about Whitney's new album, and really excited is not even a word that comes close to how I feel and how happy I am. I don't call this a comeback, because she has never left, everyone needs a break at one time or another. Then now to this comment that I read on here. One says that her time has come and gone, but I believe that God has stepped in and the trap that the enemy had set for Whitney, God stepped in and set a trap for the enemy, and this shows what God can do, and yes we all love Whitney very very much, but what everyone one needs to understand is, that, GOD LOVED HER FIRST, and he has everything under control. and no one can take a gift from God from her. At many times in our lives, we all have our own demons to fight and see ONE can chase a THOUSAND, and Whitney is a child of God, and only judge is God and not any earthy person.

Whitney has been my hero from me watching her on a little black and white TV with all the snow in it, and then when my own family said they did not love me, it was Whitney that showed me that the greatest love of all is inside me. My dream is that I get to meet her and tell how much she means to me and that I am so proud of her.


I have been waiting so long for her return...I have idolized her from her first album! I have been by herside through all her ups and downs and prayed for her sake to get well and DIVORCED...lol So I am sure we all agree this has been long awaited and I am sure her album will be exactly what her fans have been waiting for....Back to basics! God bless her and I pray for her success!
one of her #1 fans