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Whitney Houston Performs on Germany's Wetten Das


Whitney Houston has been in Europe promoting her new album I Look To You and while abroad, she made a stop over at one of Germany's most popular entertainment shows Wetten, dass...?. Whitney performed "I Look To You" at the show and was just amazing. Watch Whitney's performance below!

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This performance was not nearly as good as the Oprah performance but still great!
Only thing I was worried a little about is the clothes that she wore. Whitney your voice is sooooo beautiful!

Absolutely amazing!!!! I love you Whitney!!!!!

I believed that the performance at GMA was her day. I didn´t know my own strength on Oprah and I look to you on Wetten Das are the facts that she is still the queen. congratulations whitney

I won't call it a comeback! but thanx making it through, u sounded great! Make a stop in Boston on your next tour...

OMG! so amazing..your VOICE is really coming back. God bless you forever.

I'm so happy to see you singing again... God bless you... We will always love you...

"Keep it up" This album is great! Hope one day you will perform in the Bahamas!

Dear Whitney God has called you early
My heart goes out to your daughter bobbi, your mother and the rest of your family and close ones hope that they get trough this enormous loss and i hope you have peace now but why does it hurt so bad you will be missed
Love always

sais beau sais bien jolie merci bien la vidéo est beau merci bien lol

Wihtney zojuist gekeken en geluisterd op je site bij Weeten Dass, je bent weer terug!!!!!!!
groetjes Hans