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Whitney Houston Performs on Germany's Wetten Das


Whitney Houston has been in Europe promoting her new album I Look To You and while abroad, she made a stop over at one of Germany's most popular entertainment shows Wetten, dass...?. Whitney performed "I Look To You" at the show and was just amazing. Watch Whitney's performance below!

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Thank You Whitney, And Through The Grace Of God, I As Well As Thousands Of Others Look To You

Just Beautiful, so amazing. Many people talk about the old Whitney verses the new Whitney, but to me she is just Whitney. Awesome all the time.

Whitney you are an inspiration to me and I believe in the song I Look to you.

What a blessing to be filled with such a triumphant spirit! Thank you for using it to lift us up.

GOD can do anything. When the world counted you out, HE said NOT SO. Ms. Houston, all I can say about the performance is Girl, you did that!!!

Thanks for not giving up.

Your PICAs!!! [Partner In Christ Against satan]

Reverend Robert L.. Johnson
Norfolk, VA


Got Nothing But Love For You...
If you get a chance please take a listen to my Tribute to you. Be kind to a 60 year old "Great Grandpa"

You powerful voice moves me to tears. I waited A LONG time to hear it again, you are loved Ms. Whitney...

I'm so in love with the new you...you have matured...and fabulous...please come to Singapore...i love to hear you sing again...that hit ballad of yours...I Will Always Love You....