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"Million Dollar Bill" Video Premiere


The exclusive premiere of Whitney's brand new video Million Dollar Bill. Amazing!

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instant classic, love it.

love it soooo much...whitney houston is back on her grind love it honey fierce darling!!!

love this song glad to see whitney back on top....

I totally appreciate you Whitney!!!!! You are the GREATEST!!! It's like YOU NEVER LEFT!! Great job!! So happy you're back!

WOW. again you are wonderful, and after seeing you on Oprah, Whitney I hope you have hit after hit and from what i am hearing from your awsome CD, you are gonna go and stay right on top, Just keep going forward and don"t look back,

.This is your time to shine

The music is beautiful and so are you!!! Please tour so I can come and see you. Welcome back Whitney!!

Wow what an amazing beauty in this videoooooo ...Whitney you're Great!!!! Love this video....class and style...that's whitney.....and what a Voiceeeee!!

OMG!! Whitney is so beautiful and sexy in this video and I love the hip swing in the pink dress. This is hot!! I love it, I love it, I love it!!

Whitney is not back...because she never left...she is the QUEEN...beauty.


We are all glad that you are back, Whitney. God bless Mr. Davies for persuading you to do another album.

Your voice now has more of a soul velvet feeling now, mature, I think.
I suggest that you continue to build up your voice and exercise physically to gain even more strength. You look beautiful with curly hair.

I have a friend who is a successful DJ here and he would love to do a remix of a song if only he could get the permission.

As you and authors who have written your songs inspire us (I look to you by R. Kelly, for example), the fans, I hope that you are inspired by your fans, as well.

You were my role model when I was in my teens.

With love,
Ivanka, Croatia