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There's to me something very special in Ms Whitney Houston's voice. It's not the power, clarity and refinement of it as much as it is a certain round cube of something, with which I can so easily identify, as if it is inside of me too. It is sad however that the business of disseminating to so many people this rare quality, which she possessed, is so rough on the artist that it wears her out. I miss this source that she was to me and I am grateful for what she shared with us the time she was in this life. At the end of the day, it is nothing but Ms Whitney Houston's personal incentive, which stands out as the basic material of the work she has performed. I hear it so unreservedly intense in her song, I'm not in the slightest doubt about her spirituality and humanity.

i still feel sad, every time i listen to your song, how i wish i given a chance to see you singing live, but i know now that it is impossible, cause your in heaven singing with god..your so beautiful. ,, media are so mean to you,,i always laugh when you laugh in your video, i hope someone will upload some of your funny moments,,beacuse that wwhat i want to remember you.. .. .mizzz you whitney houston...maybe in heaven we will see each other and i can hear your angelic voice...