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I Look To You
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Be welcome, Kimberlyn!! Now more than ever we have to, unite us in prayer, by our baby, for God to send out back to us. How Whiterabbit said, she shall surely, does not want to return, but I believe God has great purposes in life of Krissi still, here, among us. I pray to God return Krissi anointed, with His Holy Spirit, and with the beautiful voice of his mommy, so she can sing much to us, and bless our lives, like Whitney did. God is in control of all things. Whiterabbit, Karen, and Kimberlyn, God bless you all!!! PlayingForBK!! Krissi Jesus loves you, and we too, baby!!! NBL Love

36??!!! Hey, Gurl! It's been too long. Welcome back! I am so glad to see you on this site. Dirlene, Kimberlyn's back! Hail, hail, the gang's all here!
Nippians, there is a candlelight vigil being held tonight in Augusta for Bobbi Kris. She is still sleeping. I am afraid if she is spending some time with her mother, she may not want to come back here at all. If I fell asleep and Whitney took me by the hand and led me to Jesus, I really don't think I would return to Earth. This entire story is very sad. I still cannot believe it.