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I Look To You
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Wow, Nippians, back, all thrilled with the return of the greatest singer of all time!!! WhitneyLive is the greatest Christmas gift for all of us!! IWALY, Super Diva!!! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3 Love

Hello, Nippians! Ohh!!! So happy for Karen that she has already received her dvd, and so has Kimberlyn! BTW, welcome back, Kimberlyn36. We missed you. My pkg has arrived, but I have not picked it up from the mailroom because I keep forgetting! Please do not take away my Nippian Membership card. I ordered the purple vinyl albums and can hardly wait to watch them spin on my turntable (Yes, I am old school) and hear Whitney's awe-striking voice. I know I, too, will have tears, tears, and more tears.