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Million Dollar Bill

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WOW!! Whitney Houston is the BEST! She's is encouragment to All of us, we can do anything. Being 30 and officially coming into Womenhood, this Cd fits perfectly and is very humbling and soothing to my soul. You are awesome and blessed with an Amzing gift, thanks for sharing your gift with the World and with me. WOW!!! and God Bless

Dear Whitney

Hi, Iam so happy your back singing and showing the world that we all do fall but the strength of God can also bring you back no matter what I love your new CD Thank you.Once again you touch my heart. YES!!! God Bless

Dear Whitney,

I am so glad you are back. This video was awesome!!! I loved it. You have been my idol since I was a little girl. I love your music. You keep it real 100% and that is what I love about you. I can't wait for your tour. Once again you have knocked it out the box. God Bless

Whitney, Whitney, Whitney: The other day on Oprah you said this was not a comeback but a come through, I couldn't agree more. You are absolutely more radiant and stunning than ever before both visually and vocally! You never left my heart as a fan but welcome back to my ears. I Love Ya!

Dear Whitney;
I absolutely loved the video "Million Dollar Bill". It was not only refreshing but it had a lot of energy. Its definitely a feel good type of song. U have showed the side of u that I absolutely admired. Thank you for staying true to yourself. Another thing thank u for coming forward with your side of the story with Oprah. It was not only brave but u didnt hold anything back. I truly believe that people can say whatever they want to say about a person and although its definitely believeable, but it is always good to have that opportunity to hear the other side. I commend u on just being u.. We've all had that moment where we fell short but as long as u believe and Give that honor and glory to our creator while repenting, he always forgive u and doesnt give up on u while keeping the flow of blessings.. I truly believe that u are one of his diamond, no matter what u will definitely shine,, Keep Striving for Excellence my sister,,


Hello, Whitney Houston!! I'm from Brazil and I've been waiting your back for a long time!! Congratulations and be welcome again!! Thans for your back!! A lot of kisses and much good luck!!

I have missed you. Welcome Back. What a CD, you go woman. Smile

I know I am not alone in saying that you have been missed so much!!!! You are now, and have always been one of the most beautiful, classy and talented ladies in the music business. I am so glad that I will be able to share your uplifting voice with my children. Thankyou for coming back on the scene and giving us this gift in this new cd.

WELCOME BACK WHITNEY!!! For what it's worth, I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! and thank God that HE kept you and brought you back to us with such a beautiful CD!! I LOVE IT!!! I pray that God will continue to keep you and bless you and give you the strength that YOU NOW KNOW IS WITHIN YOU TO MAKE IT and be the true ICON and DIVA that you are and have always been!! We Love You Girl.....and love the video...Million Dollar Bill...!!!

Welcome back home girl it's been a long time. GOD had a plan for you. The BEST ever. If you decide to take another vacation please don't let be that long. I miss the "VOICE". I love you Ms. Whitney Houston. See you soon:) the Million Dollar Bill is hot and "I Look To You" is right on time for me. I wish you all the best