Million Dollar Bill

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RIP whitney

I loved you and love you so much, but I have joy in knowing that God is still on the throne and now He keeps you safe from all the evils of this world. smoocherz

Love you Whitney so much! A true star comes around so seldom, but you did come and have brought so much to everyone. Thank you and thank your family for sharing you with the world! My sympathy goes out to the family. ........and yes, we did "almost have it all", because we had you!!

Whitney, I loved you very much. I loved your spirit and your strength. I loved your music and your voice. I even loved your happy times as well as your sad times. You are now in a better place singing for God. You gave us yourself and we will forever remember you and love you. RIP.

whitney,fuiste una de las mas grandes artistas hasta nuestro tiempo,no gozamos con cada cancion que escuchabamos, muchas de tus canciones nos hicieron enamorar a nuestros esposo,tu fuerza,tu lucha,la luz que tenia tu persona y la linda luz en tus ojo al momento de estar en un escenario,nos deleitaste durante mucho tiempo,y ahora solo queda darle mis mas sinceras condolencias a la familia y acompañarlos en estos momentos bendiciones...



Whitney, I sincerely will miss the love you poured out to the world through your songs. GOD has brought you home where you will join him in peace. I still am in disbelief of what has occurred. I can never understand the entertainment world because of the things they endure in life. You could never do no wrong in my eyes. Life is a learning process we all go through. You brought about nothing but goodness within it. R.I.P. I will forever treasure your music. I can see you know singing before the angels of heaven and giving them that beautiful smile of yours. You are my IDOL and to the world and the greatest ION. To your family I send my deepest respect. Sincerely Mrs. Cheatham

Whitney Houston you will be missed! My prayers go out to the Houston family! Dr. Drew said it best and that people should not speculate resulting in desrespect to Whitney. Let's celebrate her life. Let's not allow Whitney's illness that she had to endure through public eye overshadow "The Voice and The Person" that Whitney was. Could you imagine all of your short comings, illness and addictions being played out in the public? Keep in mind Whitney was a God Fearing PERSON that had to reveal all of her imperfections thru the public eye. I would hate for the world having to see all of mine and yours! I'm just saying be careful before you cast stones because the stone may hit your house first! Be Blessed! I Love you Whitney!

Rest in peace preciouse angel. The world had you and your God given gifts. Some loved you through thick and thin. Some of us prayed for you through your worst of times, I see now that so many are Praising your talents and how you touched our lives. My regret is that they didn't show you love when you needed it the most, when you were still with us. To love someone truly is to support them through all their hardships, not just when we are getting whats good from a person. I pray that you are at peace and experiencing Gods unfailing love, because he loved you better than all. ......He saw your beauty and his perfect creation even when you were at your worst. You didn't fail honey we failed you.