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Thank you for entertaining us once more with your beautiful voice... we look forward to a tour...soon... i hope Smile

Peace and Love

Whitney Fan ALL THE WAY!!!

Hello Whitney, God has yet done it again. thank God for this New Birth, New Life, New Start

God said it in his word, that anyone who come in the name of his Son Jesus, will have everlasting life.

Trust in the Lord with all Your Heart and he will Direct your path

Your Washington DC Fan

Ron 4228

Whitney, I'm a sixty-one year old female, and I want you to know that you really touched my heart with your new record,I look to you. In my opinion, that song is going to prick a lot of hearts and let them know , all thing can be done if you turn things over to God. I know a lot of people don't like to say this, but I know and you know we can't do things on own. You're on your way and I'm delighted to welcome you back. May you continue to be blessed.

Glad she's back and look forward to her live appearence

It's so amazing to see my girl i'm loving every mintue of her come back
Finally you're free god has been watching over you sweety make the best
of every moment treasure all that you have stay strong and live life to the fullest
Stay sweet as you are you're amazing and beautiful god loves you.

Hey Whitney,
It is so great to have you back where you belong and me and my daughter couldn't be happier. I knew you'd be back and so i'm glad that you didn't stay away too long. I have always been a fan and you are my favorite female secular artist and your girl CeCe Winans is my favorite gospel female artist.I can't wait to get your latest cd, I know it will be the bomb as always. I pray God's blessing upon your life and your continued success as well as much love to you and your family.

Mrs.Keri Lee


you was never miss i knew you be back one thing you kept was your faith.

I got the album from itunes today. I'm not sure how to express what if feel in words. I'm soooo happy to hear whitney but God knows how I feel I love whitney, if I might borrow from the preacher's wife, if you want to hear what love sounds like, and she sings.

thanks whit.....

first of all let me tell you what a shock it was to hear the things you were going and have gone thru. from a real man who knows a real woman and i knew that was not you( the real u ) and it really sadden me to find out all that you endured. i just want you to know that i love and will alway be there to adhear every word that utters thru your lips from your heart. take care whitney and take it one day at a time. love real man.