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Thank you, Karen, for your updates. Phil's Nippian family is waiting for him here.
Kimberlyn, where are you???!!!
Each time I hear Whitney's angelical voice sing "Where You Are", the sharp pain returns to my chest as if her passing were just yesterday. As if her 2nd album release were just yesterday. God, I miss that girl.... so much. Forever in my heart, ~WR

Color the sky purple and lavender in honor of Whitney's birthday! Party

Whiterabbit, I also, when i listen to Where You Are, I feel an immense lack of Whitney, and I refuse to believe she left us. His angelic voice gives me chills! OMG! I want my Diva back!! Love <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

this is getting on

Hi all my nippians I am back and here to stay got to be honest finding it very hard to come to terms with losing a couple of limbs but hey better of than some how are you all have missed you all very much hope you are all well for me its great to be home and listening to our beautiful angel again she really is the GREATEST LOVE OF ALL thanks to nippy I am here today a MIRACLE now I have to TRY IT ON MY OWN but ITS ALL RIGHT AND ITS OK but WHERE DO OUR BROKEN HEARTS GO .my friends have said if they could give me one wtsh I would choose to go back to being whole again but I think I would rather bring our beautiful girl back to us I am still alive I wish she was I love her so much love to you all xx

Congratulations for your courage, to fight, by his life, Phil! God, Nippy, all the Angels and, the Nippy family, we are proud of you, my friend! Welcome to Nippy family! God bless you! Smile

Wow, Phil! What a very unselfish thing to say, that you would rather have Whitney here than go back to being whole again. Not surprising. All Nippians have big hearts. We learned from the best.
Kimberlyn, how are you? What do you mean, "This is getting on?" Share your trip with us, Girl. I've never been there. I've never been anywhere outside the U.S.! Laughing out loud Lol!

Hello Nippians, Kimberlyn36 asked me to inform you that she is fed up with continuously being blocked from posting and has decided to leave the website. We will no longer be graced with her company. I have enjoyed chatting with her and sharing our love for Whitney over these past 2 years. It is sad to see her go. Sad


Visiting Germany was quite interesting to say the least... the women there look like men and their language is very harsh.... but over all, it's a beautiful country!! I love the beer and sandwich rolls. Moving on to Italy, well, let's just say I'm in love with this country, especially ROME!! The Italian men are so freakin handsome!! OMG, I wanted to marry one of them quickly....I love the language (so sexy), OMG the food is out of this world (authentic pizza, spaghetti, zeppolies, etc. Delicious!! Then Greece, let me tell you, this is an absolute beautiful country!!! The scenery is out of this world!!!! Beautiful people, very friendly and humble. I love the country side of Delphi, Greece!! and Athens urban atmosphere! Delicious food and awesome alcohol beverages! urkey is equivalent to Greece in its natural beauty! I also fell in love with this country, wish I can post pics! I'm so blessed to have had this opportunity to visit, learn and fall in love with these countries and become humbled to the way of life outside the USA. By the way I heard a few of Whitney's songs at a few pubs in Greece!! How heavenly it was to hear my lady's voice! Whiterabbit, I love Whitney too much to give up on visiting her website but I'm becoming weary of this blocking crap!