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Yes, Kimberlyn is being blocked again!
You are right again, Dirlene! "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do". That live cd of Whitney's is really fabulous! Or should I say, 'Whitney was fabulous!' It pains my heart to hear such a beautiful voice and understand the person behind it. My,my,my.......


I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm being blocked again!

You're right, Whitrabbit!

Help me!!! Mollom is blocking me!!!! Sad

Kimberlyn is back!!! Smile
Dirlene, what are you talking about, Girlfriend?? We are reading your posts! Ohhh, now I know what Mollom is! I think over here in the states we call it Malware. Is it the same thing?
Everyone is back! Except Phil. Sad I wonder how he's doing.
I was saying that the live cd is fabulous! I can hardly wait until Clive Davis releases the new live cd! Laughing out loud I would title it, "The Voice".

HAPPY 4th of JULY, U.S. Nippians!!! Gonna listen to the best rendition of our National Anthem ever, Miss Whitney Houston! Laughing out loud

Dear Karen, how is Phil? The girls have been blocked from the website for some reason. I hope Phil is doing well and his spirits up.
Peace and NBL,

testing ok