I Look To You

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Kimberlyn, really, this dream was surreal! I slept knowing I was going to dream, with she! It was as if she really had me visited! How já falei to you guys, every night before bed, I hear the CD The Preacher's Wife, and de manhã too. You believe me, this CD has blessed me too! Glory to God for this! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

Awesome, Dirlene! You dreamed of Whitney and she sang to you! How amazing! I am smiling right now from ear to ear. Smile I have never forgotten that special dream I had and how wonderful it felt. You are correct. Whitney loved taking long baths, as she once told Barbara Walters.

well, hell....I Guess I need to step my game up...I thought she didn't like taken baths...oh well, better luck next time Smile

Hi Nippians I think I must be really sad as I dream of Whitney nearly everynight I feel she is always with me 24 - 7

WOW, Philloveswhitney! You dream of her EVERYNIGHT???!! Awesome!
Yes, Kimberlyn, you need to step up your game, Gurl. Ok, Kimberlyn, this one's for you......
Whitney Trivia: What did Whitney like putting into her baths?

whiterabbit, the answer is "Olive oil"

Very nice to see Nippy family together again! <3 <3 NBL <3 <3

A-Ha!! So you DID know that she liked to take baths. Gotcha! Laughing out loud Lol...
Whitney Trivia: What was Whitney's favorite sport?

Whiterabbit, you got jokes!!!!! Ha, you definitely got me for sure Smile

whiterabbit I have no idea what her favourite sport was and did she really love olive oil in her bath maybe that's why her skin was so perfect I will have to try that myself ha ha