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I Look To You

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Yes ladies you ate correct!!!! I believe Whitney was not afraid of heights because I seen a pic of her on a roller coaster laughing and chilling while her nephew was the one afraid and holding Whitney tightly

Sorry guys, meant to say "you are correct" I'm going with false

I chose this title because what I had was love in any circumstance [...] I would not have like to overcome difficult times, without my mother and my daughter. My daughter is special as a friend who supported me and stayed with me in the studio, when I was working on the album.

Trivia: Which title, Whitney is speaking??

Dirlene to answer your trivia: The title Whitney is speaking of is "My love is your love" album

Yes, you are correct, Kimberlyn! Whitney was definitely not afraid of heights.

Dirlene, I'm going to go with "I Look To You" album title. Who is correct???!

Nippians, she was talking about the title of the tour "Nothing But Love World Tour". NBL.

Oh, ok so whiterabbit you were correct it was from the "I look to you" album i.e nothing but love tour

Let us say that Whiterabbit stayed, in the almost, certain. Whitney was talking about the tour, and not of the album I Look To You!

Whitney was a sweet woman, but there was one thing she hated! Trivia: what Nippy more hated to girls??

Well, I'm going to say Whitney hated gaining weight from the steroids.