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I Look To You

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Wow Whiterabbit!! I like to see you happy!! The family, Nippy have to always smile like Whitney!!! I think that Nippy, liked of swimming in free time. I am, right Kimberlyn?

She liked doing charity benefits?... Supporting the troops?...Getting h--h with Robyn? That's it! Doing charity work! Am I right, Kimberlyn??? What's the answer???!!!

LMAO, Whiterabbit, you're killing me with laughter!!!!! Ok guys, Whitney said whenever she can get some down time, she LOVE to sleep, sleep, sleep....I know.....I couldn't believe the answer either. She said she would rather sleep than to do anything else and she also said she'd challenged anyone to a sleep contest, that's how much she love to sleep on her down time.

Dang, her and I were so much more alike than I realized! I'm 'bout to catch me some Zzzzsss right now.....

Whitney Trivia: what kind of socks did Whitney wear?

This, I don't even know!! Sad

Whitney wore wildly colored socks...at least I know she did in her early years

Whiterabbit, Kimberlyn is correct or not?? Come on Nippian manifests itself!! Where you are??

Yes, Kimberlyn is correct.
Whitney Trivia: What kind of socks did she wear in her 30's?

don' know what kind of socks she wore in her 30's...tube socks, dress socks, knee highs? Now I'm curious

Lol! ;D Kimberlyn, you crack me up! You are beginning to sound like whiterabbit. DiWhitney, I am waiting for your answer. Come on, girls, you got this one!