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Lol, whiterabbit!! " hopefully all the young fans are in bed" ....... Answer Budweiser?

Well, it was a school night.....Yes, the answer is Bud Light.

Whitney Trivia: Why did Whitney gain weight in 2009?

Whitney gained weight in 2009 because she was taking steroids as a part of treatment for regaining the strength of her voice back . I hope I'm correct in saying this because I read this somewhere in Mrs. Cissy book...

Kimberlyn know everything!! Smile

Hey DiWhitney!!

Well, that's because Kimberlyn is Whitney's #1 fan. Yes, she gained weight from the steroids she was taking. I don't remember what Miss Cissy said in her book, but Whitney took steroids because she had colitis. I know that from the autopsy. But she was always beautiful. And the radio has been playing a lot of her songs lately. From different eras. I love it!

Good thing the radio of your country are valuing the music of Whitney!! Here in Brazil, Whitney was also always valorized! The Radio, Newspaper From Brazil always plays great music from Whitney!! I also love it, Whiterabbit!! Hey Kimberlyn, NBL Nippian!!!

Whitney trivia: before Whitney had her baby girl, what did she love doing on her down time ?

Ooooh, ...uh.....playing basketball?....swimming?.....shopping?....spending time with her nieces and nephews?? Ugh! I don't know! Walking along the beach? I give up!

Lol whiterabbit!!! you're crazy girl, I'll tell you once I hear from DiWhitney.....