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whiterabbit, you said "And the person who instilled that feeling of not being "good enough" was her own mother. " Why would you say her own mother? I'm curious because I never thought her own mom would instill such a negative feeling in her own daughter... I wanna know...

You can leave Whiterabbit!! I will ask everyone, to spread purple balloons, on the 9th of August. Let's keep Whitney alive for ever! I'm happy to see that Whitney has millions of fans on social networks!!! Smile


Kimberlyn, her mama Cissy said it herself in her book. You'll come across it since you are reading it again. When Whitney was around 14 I guess. I wouldn't make something like that up, Honey.

Oh I believe ya, I just can't believe the feeling of not being "good enough" came from "momma cuda"

;D Lol! There you go again, Kimberlyn....just when I'm having a kind of challenging day, you go and make me laugh. Laughing out loud Well, 'Big Cuda' didn't actually say, "Nippy, you're not good enough." But singing lessons with Cissy Houston could be quite grueling. According to Mrs. Houston, she would be so hard on Nippy, they'd argued all the way home and Whitney "stormed out of the car, screaming, 'I quit!" She'd tell Cissy, "Mommy, you make me feel like I want to go through the floor, like I'm never going to be good enough." And, 30+ years later, Kevin Costner quoted Nippy at her funeral, saying the same thing... Sad

Okay, did DiWhitney just ask me to leave? She said, "You can leave Whiterabbit!!" Why??? :'(

LOL, she sure did tell you to leave! I know she probably meant to say something else, it's hilarious though.....

Wow Whiterabbit!! Excuse me!! I expressed myself badly! "You can leave" means do not worry, I'll warn everyone to release purple balloons. "Can leave" is slang!! It's not what you understood, alright, friend!! SALUTE!!! <3 <3 Smile

DiWhitney, we know you meant to say something different. We love you girl! I want to come to Brazil! Show me around..