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LOL!!! Laughing out loud Now, I see my posts! You guys must think I went crazy. Whitney didn't always, but often wore a watch on stage.
philloveswhitney, do you know why she wore a watch onstage? It was usually silver and glittery.

Does anyone know what happened on the BET Awards? Did Sparkle win anything?

Sparkle did not win, Whiterabbit!! All of us, of the pages of Whitney fans, of the web we unfortunately were appalled!!!

WHAT! Sparkle didn't win, so disheartening...

On another note, is it me or does anyone else feel that this site has been abandoned for some reason? I feel once the changes has been made to the site, everyone slowly dissipated.... just saying! I wonder who is in charge of keeping this site going?

It is true Kimberlyn!! This website is abandoned!! Only fans of the social networks like Twitter and Facebook, is that are honoring the legacy of Whitney!! All fan pages of the of Twitter, and Facebook is, that are pouring love for Whitney Houston!! We love Whitney of truly!!! There are hundreds of pages talking about love for Whitney!!

So I'm re-reading Mrs. Cissy Houston's book "Remembering Whitney" and towards the end of the book, Mrs. Cissy speak of praying to God about yearning to have dreams about her baby girl but this hasn't happened yet. Well, I really wish I could transfer all my dreams of Whitney to Mrs. Cissy! These dreams I have are absolutely beautiful and I have them quite often. Last night I had another dream that Whitney was once again singing to an audience (of course I was in the audience as well) and this was obviously a time where her voice was struggling a bit . I just remember the entire audience turning their back and laughing at her (uncontrollably)... I turned to look at Whitney and she was just standing there smiling as if she doesn't notice the audience leaving her side. This dream was heart breaking yet encouraging at the same time because in spite of the ridicule from the audience, Whitney remained humbled and walked in faith. Vivid dream! I can only hope Mrs. Cissy has started to experience any type dreams of her baby girl..... Sad

Kimberlyn this dream, means, the total detachment, that Whitney had by material things. Whitney was a well of humility!! You are blessed to have several dreams with Whitney. I have not had any dreams with her. Unlike his dream, we, your fans, we are very happy, as if she was among us! Whitney lives forever in us!! I wish that Ms. Cissy has beautiful dreams with your baby!! Smile

Wow! What a dream, Kimberlyn. That is very deep. It seems to me the dream represents each time Whitney knew people were laughing at her or booing her, she didn't quit because no matter what, she loved them unconditionally. And the person who instilled that feeling of not being "good enough" was her own mother. Your dream reminds me when Whitney would shrug things off and act like they didn't bother her at all. But once she was by herself in her room, I know she cried. Because people can be so mean. And it cuts deep.

There are actually quite a few fans on this site. I think because there are so my different pages to post on, everyone is scattered around. But people are posting, or at least visiting.
DiWhitney, since you are always on Facebook and Twitter, would you mind spreading the word that we will be sending up purple balloons on Aug. 9th for Whitney's birthday? We need to keep this fever going!