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Hey girls, though it may be difficult, we will try to rejoice!! Whiterabbit, Kimberlyn, please, more trivia, of our Nippy!!!

Girls, TWV Radio is already broadcasting live!! If you guys have nothing to do now, among this link to hear our Nippy!!

http://www.spreaker.com/user/thewhitneyvaultradio page.

Thewhitneyvault - Whitney Houston

LIVE RIGHT NOW! TWV Gospel Sunday!

Where are my friends nipians??

I just listened to TWV Gospel Sunday, DiWhitney! Chilling. I also went to see the Whitney Exhibit at The Grammy Museum for a second time. I was craving so badly to be in her space. To feel her spirit. To re-live the awe-inspiring, breathtaking, unbelievable gifted talent, and to once again stand dumb-founded at the thought that we once had that angelical gift here with us. Even the thought itself is too unbelievable.

You that is happy, for power, feel it all up close, friend! We really we had an angel among us. Yesterday the gospel sunday, brought me beautiful memories. I feel an immense lack of Whitney. May God comfort our hearts, because we feel miss her so much.

DiWhitney, I do not know what happened to Kimberlyn! I don't know if she made it to L.A. or not.

Whiterabbit, Kimberlyn no gives news from her, and leaves us concerned. Let's wait to see if it appears. She has to understand that we are family, Nippy, and this family can not be dispersed.

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Kimberlyn didn't make it to L.A. Today, is the last day of the Whitney exhibit. Sad

What a pity! I feel for her, so close and not see things, of our Nippy!!!