I Look To You

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Whitney trivia: Who did a duet with Whitney, on the song "Love Will Find A Way"??

Ok, now I'm slacking!!! let me quit playing and step it up!!

DiWhitney, the duet was with Dionne Warwick

Okay, Kimberlyn!! You know everything!!!

Whitney Trivia: With the exception of one song, Babyface wrote every song on the "Waiting to Exhale" soundtrack. Who added the ShoopShoop part to the song, "Exhale" ?

Come on, Ladies, you know the answer. You are Nippians!

Whitney Houston herself added shoop shoop part to the song

Whiterabbit, Kimberlyn,'re right!! I agree with her!!

Yesss!!! I knew you girls knew the answer! Whitney was supposed to write the rest of the lyrics but procrastinated and didn't have anything else to sing but "shoop shoop".

Whitney Trivia: True or False-Whitney was a morning person.

Definitely false!! Whitney didnt care for waking up early in the morning.

Hey ladies, are we the only true NIPPIAN TRIO on this site posting? It seems much of everyone disappeared over time. We are definitely die hard Whitney fans!! I know Whitney is smiling down on us, saying “look at my girls still holding it down, I got you!"....

Whitney trivia: What elementary school did Whitney attend and what school did she transfer to after Cissy felt the previous school wasn't working out for Whitney.