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Whitney's Amazing Oprah Performance


In case you missed it, or if you'd like to see it again, you can see Whitney's entire showstopping performance on Tuesday's Oprah at Oprah's official site

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It's been toooooo long ....NEVER LEAVE US AGAIN Smile...THE VOICE IS BACK......It's wonderful to hear your beautiful voice again. What an inspiration!!!! Your interview was both honest and raw , much more than i expected to hear. The favor of God will always turn things around. Your performance made me cry , it didn't come from a place of sadness but from joy.I can't wait to see what blessings God has in store for you.


I just want to say Praise God for who He is and for never giving up on us. You are a testimony to that Grace and Forgiveness. My prayer is that you continue to give Him the Glory for what He has done in your life. So many people need to hear your story so they can know that same peace and joy. Praise God for your precious Mother and the rest of your family who loved you enough to not give up on you too. I have been a fan of yours for years, but the thing I am most proud of is that I am your sister in Christ and that is something to boast about. May God continue to use you and keep you strong.

Jennifer Wright
San Angelo, TX

Just finished watching watching the interview with Oprah.. A-Mazing. Whitney, was Awesome. Love you Whitney and God bless you. If you ever get down just read the comments written by your fans to uplift your spirits and see what you mean to them.... GOD Bless

I knew you would come back. We all at time have to loose our way to find it again, or to even be grateful for the here and now. I prayed for you. You were my inspiration as a little girl and still is, even through you most testing times.You are the seed of a righteous woman and your will never become the possession of the devil. Your song "I look to you" is truly an inspiration to us all. Whitney, love those who persecuted you and pray for their salvation. Never give up hope.....your MAMA DIDN'T. Please come to Jamaica soon

Hello, I just want to comment that I was so hurt by the news of Whitney's drug use. I know a woman like this was so innocent and unknowing of these drugs, and the only way she could get on these drugs is to follow her man whom when Whitney loves she loves so deeply. This deep love she has propells her to do things she normally would not do, and I nothing but admiration for her. She is still the sweet, pure, innocent of the bad world lady I grew to love years ago.I was just so scared drugs would waste another beautiful talent from this earth. I am so glad she is coming back, and leaving that bad life. Whitney is truly God blessed, and she should recognise this and not waste it for anything of this earth including a no good man.Because the best that can be will be not of this earth, this is for sure.I was so happy also to hear drugs did not really hurt the god given voice of Whitney Houston. How could a man who has so much in a woman just throw it all away. This I can never understand as long as I live.Always thinking there is something better out there instead of working and being the loving man to make the marriage you already have be the best love you can ever have. God Bless Whitney. Hope you read this e-mail, and it helps to make you realize if you are not already convinced that you made the right decision to get your life back. Treasures are never appreciated by a person who is not happy with their own life. And that happiness will never be for Bobby.

Whitney, I am so proud of you. You have been missed and I am very happy to see you back stronger than ever. Your interview with Oprah was over the top. I pray for blessings to flow over you, your daughter and the rest of your family. You have the most amazing Mom and I am so glad she stood up and got her daughter back. I watched her face while she sat watching you perform on GMA...now I can see why she looked the way she did after hearing your interview with Oprah. Your Mom could not be any more prouder of you...it was all over her.

Thank you for coming back to us, you are truly loved.

Dear Whitney,

I am so happy to see you back making wonderful music and professing from where your help comes. It is truly amazing to see how God has brought you through and I can't wait to see where He takes you. The song "I Look to You" is such a powerful testimony as it "I Didn't Know My Own Strength." I pray you continue to look to God for your strength and hopefully one day you will do a gospel album!!!!!

May God Continue to Bless you and Yours,

Whitney, I just watched your performance on Oprah, I sobbed all the way through, Unbelievable! Fantastic! I am so happy you are back. I wish you so much success with your career and most importantly your personal life. You have been given two gifts in life. One you have been given to share with all of us, and the other your beautiful daughter. She seems like an amazing young women. Take each of those gifts and treasure them. Welcome Back, we really did miss you.

I thank God for giving her the most remarkable voice I have ever heard. I thank Cissy Houston for the 'tough love' she used to pull her daughter back into the loving arms of her family. I also thank Mr. Clive Davis for tugging her into the recording studio to make this fabulous CD that I have enjoyed listening to for the past two weeks! Oprah, I think your interview with Whitney was your best to date! It's going to be tough to top THAT one!
Stay strong, Whitney. Your fans are behind you all the way!

Hello Ms. Houston
I am proud of you.I am glad you have allowed God to use your gift to be a blessing to us again. I have always and still do love your music, I especially appreciate you sharing your life story with us. I am a delivered addict my-self (17years) and know the power of God to help his people. I listened to you as you spoke on Oprah and the things you said are true. It is very important that we change our enviroment. I know this is not a easy decision for you to walk away from a marriage that was killing you ( had the some of the same experiences ina past marriage also). Stay encourage and remember we have the greatest power working for our good. As you stated when the feeling come and they will, prayer and song of worship is what you need to carry you through. Right now it is one day at a time.As you grow remember to always give God thanks and never let anyone stop you from telling of his goodness. Someone else needs to hear you testimony.

God speed to you.
St. Louis Girl